Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2011 goals

Where has January gone??

The rest of my New Year's Eve was quite uneventful.  I went to bed at 10:30, and Matt woke me up at midnight, gave me a kiss and a piece of toblerone (seriously, I think I got 20 different toblerones as christmas gifts) and I went back to sleep.  I woke up in the morning with chocolate still in my teeth.  Don't tell my dentist.

This month has been interesting.  My step-dad had a big surgery on the 5th, the same day that Matt started school (part of his electrician's apprenticeship).  The surgery went well, and Matt is half done his school already and is doing well there too.

My dad took some big healthy steps towards some weight loss, and I'm trying to support him by taking a few yoga classes with him when we can fit them in.

I made some goals for 2011, as did most, but I decided to share them now and tell you how I'm doing.

I split them up a la healthy tipping point into three categories:  Personal, Health, and Financial.  And a la the things i know I will update these periodically.


  • learn Italian - haven't even started.  Oops.
  • communicate better with Matt - this is up and down.  The start of the month was bad, recently has been better.  We try.  It's hard at times and I love being right.
  • pay and file bills and letters immediately - 50% better than I used to be.
  • clean the house on a more regular basis - epic fail.  I can't see this being an easy one to achieve.

  • run 100 km per month - So far I've run 52.81 km this month, so unless some MAJOR running is happening for me in the next 5 days, I think I lost this one.  BUT, 52 is a lot of kms, so I'm still proud of this.  There were 8 days where I honestly flew, got to a hotel, had 9-10 hours of rest and flew again.  Working out just didn't happen.  Sleep barely happened.  Eating happened.  
  • run a great half marathon in April - stay tuned.
  • run a speedy 10 km in september - ditto
  • do yoga 3 times per week - I think I've done an average of 1.5 per week, so not there, but better than zero.
  • drink more water - enh.  
  • eat dessert less frequently - much better at this.  I seemed to have gained some weight over the holidays (whaaaaaa?!?!?) from perhaps a little more alcohol than I'm used to, so I would love for it to go away.  I'm actually going to try to cut out alcohol except for special occasions, so we'll see how that goes.

  • buy less coffee out - I have cut down.  Sort of.
  • put more cashola on debt - not yet.  we have one pay check at the moment (because Matt's in school) so this be a little more promising in a month.

 Those are them for now.  I think I will add some more soon, but these seem good for the time being.  Some are exciting and I want to do them (like running and yoga, oh right and the communications with my husband one), and some are terrible (like cleaning and bill filing), so obviously I'm putting time and effort into the fun ones and not so much into the terrible ones.  I should make a new goal of putting effort into the stupid goals.

I'll leave you with a couple of fun professional wedding pics!