Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wherein I use the F word, but I'm just quoting someone else so don't get offended, and also say Open a can of whoop ass, so feel free to make fun.

I haven't been so tired in ages. I just got back from four long days, each one more interesting than the next. And by interesting, I mean shitty.

I had a great crew. I can't complain one bit about that. We laughed, hid maxi pads in various spots throughout the galley, and laughed some more. Good times.

But the guests. Oh my god the guests. The first day wasn't anyone's fault... A guy (an employee actually) had a mini seizure. The lady next to him rang the call button, said "there's something wrong with this guy", and the guy was all spaced out and shaking, and then he snapped out of it and had no idea what had just happened. We were 25 minutes from landing. Hectic. The guy was fine (well as fine as you can be when you've just had your first ever seizure), we landed, got him some medical attention, and that was that. Day one over.

The next day was just really long. LONG long. Across the country twice long.

The next day, we were in the back galley when we heard someone scream "WHORES! FUCKING WHORES!!" We looked around at each other, almost to wonder if we had imagined it, but no, we hadn't, since we had all heard it. I was ready to whip out a can of whoop ass, since I just finished my self defense training and was all eager to test it out on someone, but alas, I didn't get to. We found out who it was, and realized that the guy in fact had Tourette's, and wasn't actually verbally abusing us. I was super awkward though, and it made for an interesting flight.

Today was the weirdest. A girl travelling alone (but who was over the age of unaccompanied minors so had no real care from us) basically spilled her guts to me after I asked her "how are you today?" and told me that yesterday she ran away from home, called CSI on her dad because he said someone was dying and she thought it was him and now she's going to meet her brother who she doesn't know (and doesn't know what he looks like but don't worry he knows what SHE looks like) and stay with him till this thing blows over. (Those are her words). I was obviously concerned that a) she was running away now and her dad didn't know she was flying somewhere and b) that some creeper was going to pick her up and it wasn't her brother and she would get raped and murdered and it was all my fault. It was a huge long ordeal that I won't get into, but in the end we contacted the dad, found out she had behavioural problems, he has health problems and can't deal with her, and her brother who is an adult with his own children is going to help with the situation for a bit. We got the info of the brother, and decided we'd go down and meet the brother with her and check his ID. I basically felt horribly uncomfortable through the whole ordeal, desperately hoped that this guy was going to be a decent human being and that I wouldn't get the "NO!" feeling when I met him. It was ALL good in the end, the brother had two adorable children of his own, thanked us for bringing her down, and I felt really good about it. I just really really hope this girl will turn out ok. She was obviously lacking attention from the adults in her life and needed some guidance. I hope she gets it.

I was so emotionally exhausted by this situation, I just wanted to come home. Lucky for me I got to. So I'm home. And I'm happy about it.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Edmonton is lame.

Sorry to the Edmonton folks, but I just spent two days in Edmonton, and I feel pretty sad about it. I won't get into all these details, but Edmonton, blowy snow, crappy hotel, rainy, and all around blech.

I got home yesterday to glorious weather (ooops) and came home, napped a bunch, got a blizzard for me and Vanessa and we watched the game whilst enjoying delicious ice creamy treats. It was pretty great. And plus we won the game, so really that's great too.

This weekend, not too much is happening. Well, I have to do my taxes (!), and then leave on Sunday for four days. My life is boring.

I got some new running shoes the other day, and so far they're making quite a difference. My runs are long now, and they are harder. Much harder. It's tough. But I'll push it.

That's that.

Go Flames Go.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Weekend Update

It's less of an update of the weekend, and more an update that's occurring on the weekend. But I'm still calling it a weekend update.

This week I had all my annual training, which went quite well. I only got one question wrong on my exam, and my evacuation drills went flawlessly and I had no missed criteria or teaching points. The instructors commented that I was surprisingly loud and shouldn't have a problem getting my voice projected above all the mayhem. (Are we surprised, really?) Oh and that I portrayed confidence in my eyes (aka am bossy) which would lead to compliance. (Again, surprised?) So when I'm screaming for you to cross your arms, jump, and slide, you'll do it damn it. NOW!

Last night I had a little shin dig at my place, which was mainly me and Vanessa, eating, drinking, and painting our nails. To be fair, other people came soon, like Katie, we drank some more, then Matt, his brother, James and their friend came, we drank some more, then we went to Molly Malones in Kensington. Yvette met us there, THEN we went to Amsterdam Rhino, drank some more, and partied our little hearts out. Well I partied my little heart out the whole time really. My friend Andrew came and met us at Amsterdam Rhino which was cool, I hadn't seen him in a while, and all in all it was a good night. This morning, however, was NOT a good time. I haven't felt this terrible since, oh, Montreal in the summer... I honestly thought I would die of head explosion and nausea. I finally crawled out of bed at 3:30. Yes. 3:30 pm. I feel like death.

Tomorrow, I am SO excited, I am going to the Banff Springs Hotel for brunch. I am fasting for the rest of today so I can eat enough tomorrow to last until Monday. This brunch, if you haven't been, is phenomenal. Food as far as the eye can see, and anything imaginable. I am known to eat, ummm, a few cherries jubilee, that is made at a station all fresh and delicious. Anyway, lots of food, good food, and I get to eat it all day tomorrow.

My plans for the day involve sitting on the couch. So I better get back to that. All this typing is making my head hurt.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


What kind of normal person gets sick three times in three months? Oh right, the kind who is in contact with 500 people a day, breathing re-circulated air. Gross. I feel like death.

On a lighter note, the W network has started playing Veronica Mars. That's always good.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


So snowboarding was awesome, but the day ended with be biting it hard on the ski-out at Sunshine, slamming my head on the ground, almost getting my face slashed by a brand new snowboard, and feeling all around like death all in one fellow swoop. I got distracted, did some kind of spinning fall which resulted in impacting my ass, knees, elbows and head all at once. Then Matt skidded and almost hit my face with his board and we both just kind of sat on the ground for a while reflecting on what had just happened and being thankful that my face wasn't slashed open and that I still had the use of my legs and arms. I'm still stiff in the neck and have bruises, but it was so worth it because everything leading up to that was incredible. The weather was great and the snow was awesome, and we had a total blast. I boarded really well (except for that fall) too so I was excited.

Anyway, my weekend after that was pretty alright, I got a free breakfast in Regina (hotel), a free dinner in Ottawa (mum), so that makes it nice. I'm off now for a long while since I have my annual training starting Monday. I just finished four out of the five homestudies, so I'm well on my way. I also got to do a seriously wicked awesome homestudy on our new cart service that included videos and how-to's. I swear I have never wanted to barf more. "Of course", says the sickeningly sweet flight attendant in the video, "we would never deny a guest the use of the lav during cart service, so back your cart into the galley, wait for the guest to pass, and resume service. Oops, careful of that transition!" (referring to the lip on the floor that separates the plastic floor and the carpet. Seriously, it was cheesier than anything I've ever seen. Oh well, I got a laugh.

I also did a homestudy on good body mechanics and wasted one hour of my life learning how to bend my knees. I realize it's important, but seriously. An hour? Give me a break. It was slightly humorous to be doing the homestudy while thinking about how much my neck hurts from snowboarding though... And while slouching on my mum's medicine ball. Maybe I should re-read some of those points...