Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Today is Kirsten and Katie's birthday! So happy birthday to you both.

I'm off to work again today, but thankfully I get a later check-in... I'm sick of waking up early. I worked at Starbucks this week, early both days, and for anyone who cares or might be curious (ahem Kristen ahem) the Christmas launch is November 8th. So Christmas will once again throw up on Starbucks the night of the 7th, and when you walk in on the 8th it will be all Christmas all day. Red red red everywhere. (I always describe Christmas at Starbucks as "Christmas threw up all over Starbucks" because seriously, there is Christmas paraphernalia* EVERYWHERE. The signs, the shelves, the cups, the floor, the machines, just everywhere. And don't even start on the music.) The "soft launch" is on the 2nd I think, so technically you can order the drinks on the 2nd, and we should have all the ingredients, but in Ottawa, doubtful. Kristen remember that time that dude gave me major attitude for asking for the Cinnamon Dolce before the date? "Next time don't ask a manager to give you something early". Idiot.

This pairing is exciting for me, not because I'm looking forward to it at all, but because when I get home, Matt will be HERE! I get home Saturday, and so does he. I can't even tell you how excited I am... Not only to have him around, but to FINALLY not be in a long distance relationship, something I swore I would never do again. I hate long distance, I hate everything being over the phone, I hate who I am in this stupid long distance relationship... It's all dumb. Here's a little example of how I'm totally ridiculous. Today I got frustrated because I couldn't hear him properly over the phone and somehow that threw me into a tizzy. And then he called me on it, and then I got even more mad because I realized how stupid I was for being mad because I couldn't hear him but even worse he told me I was being stupid even though he didn't call me stupid but in my head he was definitely calling me stupid and blah blah ahhhh I'm so mad.

So that's pretty much who I am in a long distance relationship, and it's a wonder he's even coming back at all. I just can't wait to relax, not be lame and be a real human being again. (Just in my defense, I'm not like that ALL the time. Sometimes. And sometimes a little more often than sometimes. But I usually admit it at the end that I'm just being stupid. Usually.)

Next month, just get ready for this... Are you ready? Ready? I have three whole overnights in Orlando. Yes. Orlando, where Mickey lives, where it's hot, where palm trees flourish, and where everything is dirt cheap. Oh yes. The month before Christmas, I get to go spend less money for more stuff. I just can't even wait. Hopefully it will be stupid cold here, and I can pack my shorts and dance around in the sun while buying cheap things. Doesn't that sound fun? I'll try to get someone to take a picture of me doing that because it will be funny.

I should probably stop dinking around and maybe take a shower or pack my suitcase. Even though I have a late check in, I still actually have to go to work.

*I don't think I knew there was an "r" in "paraphernalia". Actually scrap that, I knew. I just forgot.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Weekend Update with bonus pictures

The weekend in Ontario was great. The wedding was great, the relaxing was great, and the whole thing was just great. (Do you think I need a thesaurus?)

On Friday, Matt, his brother Kurt, Kurt's girlfriend Bethany and I went to a snowboard show in Toronto. It was one of those conventiony type things where you pay to get in and then there are fabulous sales on all sorts of things. So Matt really wanted to get boots, and then when I saw all the cool new boot features, I had to get some too. In my defense, my current snowboard boots are the first ones I ever owned, which I got probably 7 years ago, and they completely suck and give my legs bruises, so it wasn't like I bought new boots even though I had perfectly good ones. I found some great half price boots with cool wire laces so you don't actually have to lace them up, you just pull the laces and they lock into place. That made me quite happy. Unfortunately the place was super busy and I wasn't quite in the mood for enormous crowds, so I was really ready to leave about two hours before we left.

The wedding was fun. I didn't know very many people there, but it was fun none the less. The bride looked great and it looked like they both had a great time.

Matt had to work on Monday and Tuesday so I lazed around the house and just chilled out. I went and visited him at work and brought him snacks, learned how to replace the nozzles in sprinkler heads and enjoyed just hanging out with him outside. I relaxed, just like I had hoped.

Probably the most dramatic event of the weekend was that Matt shaved his head. It was CRAZY!!! I've never known him without long-ish hair, so it was a huge change. Allow me to elaborate through photographs.

First, when we met:

Secondly, the day before the shaved head:

And lastly, post haircut.
Also, the third photo shows his incredible dancing skills. You really can't go wrong with hip pointing!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm so cultured

I'm home! I can't even tell you how happy I am to be home. Too bad I leave again tomorrow. But I'll get to chill out, watch tv on the plane instead of work which will be great. Link (I'm sure now that I said that I'll be on a plane without tvs). I get to hang out at Matt's place, then dress up all fancy for a wedding on Saturday! I love dressing up... any occasion where I can wear a skirt and a pair of killer heels, I'm happy. (Did I just say "killer heels"? Who do I think I am?)

Tonight was great. A few months ago, I asked a friend of mine to make me a print. Well tonight, I got it. And I love it. You can check him (and the print) out here. I feel so honoured to have this piece, since it took him SO long to do and also because he said it was his favourite one yet. He even has done a piece inspired by this one, so the fact that it hangs in MY house is pretty cool. One day when he has his own gallery in New York or somewhere important, I'll still have this piece and say "well I knew him when he was no one" and feel like I helped him get somewhere, when really I had nothing at all to do with it.

That was a slight tangent at the end, but I'm back now. Time to pack all my fabulous outfits and killer heels.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

I have no life

All I do is work. That's what it seems like. I'm having a bit of a moment today... I'm just sick of working and being home for one short day, and then working again. It's almost over... One more four day starting tomorrow, and then home for not even a day and off to Ontario for a wedding. Hopefully I can chill and relax there, because then I have to come back and work again!

I'm happy Kristen and Jordan are here, and also that I got to see Spencer! That kid, SO CUTE. Kristen was saying that after those three adorable chitlin, the rest of us don't really have a chance! Our kids will be gremlins compared to them. Oh well... Maybe they'll have great personalities or something. (Usually when someone says "well they have a great personality" it means they're ugg-o, don't you think?) The problem is the mini Lobbs are cute AND have great personalities, so we're screwed.

ANYWAY. I'm missing having a boyfriend who lives in the same city as I do. I'm not really loving the whole talk on the phone relationship thing. He'll be here soon enough, but man it's shitty in the meantime. I'll suck it up. I feel like I should perhaps be happy I have someone who wants to move across the country for me.

I'm off to the Tronsgard's for Thanksgiving tonight. It was really nice of them to invite me (and move the whole dinner so I could come), and I'm excited for some turkey and stuffing. And some pumpkin pie. I like pie. And whipping cream.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I'm a fake aunt again!

Since we all know I'm not going to be a real aunt any time soon, I'll steal some of Kristen's aunt thunder and be happy for Kirsten and Chris on their third (are they crazy? Yes.) child! Even if I wasn't a fake aunt I'd still be happy, but you know what I mean.

I'm lucky to be able to have Kirsten, Chris and kid times three in my lives, even if it's only a couple of Tuesdays a month. I can only hope I'll be as happy as they are when I'm married and as good a parent as well. And hopefully the ice cream drawer in my freezer will be stocked as well as theirs too.