Saturday, August 27, 2005

Last day has come and gone

I had my last day of work yesterday. It was nice, since I did dick all and my boss took me for lunch. I'm not really happy I'm done work because that means I have to go back to my old job which pays almost $5 less/hour. BRUTAL!

Now I have one week of "relaxing" and then I start my block week class. I'm not really looking forward to the ralxing week, because it won't actually be relaxing at all. I have to prepare a 15 minute oral presentation about a book I read (in french) for my block week course, plus read 1 and a half more books. NOT FUN!!! I'm pretty sure I'm going to come close to failing this class, but oh well, it's a whole course over with in 5 days!!!

Then I start my regular classes, which will be exciting for about 5 minutes, and then horrible. Classes seem like they would be fun, but really, NOT FUN. I HATE analysing litterature, and that's pretty much what my whole degree is. Oh well, only one more year! Then I'm DONE!! Until I go back to school again!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wednesdays are horrible

Especially when it's about 5 degrees outside. What the crap is this anyways? Winter? I really want the last days of summer to actually BE summer! Plus, I only really have one pair of long pants that aren't jeans, (I can only wear jeans on fridays at my office), and so when it's cold out, I don't really have many options. Today I'm wearing a short skirt, a hoodie, and my winter coat. I am FREEZING, but my one pair of long pants were dirty. I totally don't understand this no jeans rule. I work in KINESIOLOGY, you know, the GYM, yet we are supposed to be some kind of formal office? And the people who actually work IN the gym have to wear dress pants. DRESS PANTS!!! Who goes to the gym and expects the attendant to be wearing DRESS PANTS?? And don't even get me started on the footwear issue. I'll start going on a rage!

So yesterday I found the most perfect bridesmaid dress EVER. It's SO pretty. But I don't know if it's, ummmm, fesable? I'll just dream about it and maybe we can find someone to make something like it! Anyways you can tell me what you think! (it would be black, not bright blue).

And I MISSED Miami Ink last night because I'm a dumbass and forgot that it was on. I was so excited about Big Brother that I forgot all about it! I saw the last minute of it, and Yoji had his little baby... oh she is CUTE! And then Big Brother... it was great. There were no fights like last time, but it was still pretty good. I like how Ivette keeps going on and on about how Rachel is so fake and makes all these faces, yet she's is the worst of all of them! She YELLS! As someone who tends to speak at a higher than normal volume, I sort of feel for her since I HATE it when people tell me to quiet down (I just get excited...) But still, Ivette, there's no one around, just you and the camera, so you don't have to yell. ANYWAYS, it will be interesting to see who gets evicted and then hopefully Janelle will win HOH again! Then Survivor starts, then the Amazing Race... I will never get ANY homework done!

Monday, August 22, 2005

My birthday celebrations come to an end...

And I am sad. Though I guess I dragged it on from Monday to Sunday, so I really got my money's worth! Last night we had a family dinner, and we ate LOBSTER!!! (well, everyone except Kevin and Nolan. I really wish Nolan would get over his seafood phobia... I don't know how someone could not love lobster!) Anyways it was a nice ending to my birthday.

Now on to more exciting things. THE WEDDING!!! I won't say the big news first because that just wouldn't be fair, but the wedding plans are really coming along! Kristen and Jordan are in pretty good shape now! The hard part now is finding bridesmaid dresses. Kristen, Dee Dee and I went on Saturday to look for "inexpensive" dresses at the mall. Well that was a complete bust! I have never felt so disgusting in a dress in my entire life! Cheap dresses are cheap for a reason. They are horrible material and nast-o styles! So it's looking like we'll need to spend more on our dresses, which pretty much sucks. Does anyone know a cheap dressmaker that doesn't suck??

Kristen's being super nice and letting me get the kind of dress I want. And she might even let me get green shoes! (I'm obsessed with green...) Isn't she the best sister EVER??

So feel free to give some suggestions on finding black dresses that don't make us look like ass and that don't cost a lot!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Time to bite the bullet!

As a birthday present, my mum got me some personal training sessions and a nutrition consultation. (This isn't her way of telling me that I'm a lazy lump... I asked for it as a present). So today she called in (I happen to work in Kinesiology at U of C) and registered me for the sessions.

I guess this means I really have to do it then, hunh. I'm not this huge whale or anything, but I do have insecurities about my body, my "pregnant belly" is one of them. Someone actually asked me if I was pregnant... The dreaded mistaken expectant woman situation. I was like "I am never due thanks... just my fat." It wasn't some stranger, so it wasn't SO bad, but yeah, not so great. So now I have to divulge all my secret stashes of fat that I cleverly hide to my trainer, and then hopefully she'll make them go away! (I think this is the exact opposite of the attitude that I'm supposed to have... I'm supposed to say that with her help and my hard work and determination, I'll eventually look better. For now, we'll hope she has a magic wand... or maybe just a lipo-suction wand)

So I will bite the bullet, get a work out plan, and work out. This sounds exciting when I think of this time next year, but not so great until then.

I think the new gym has tv's. That at least gives me something to look forward to! Maybe I can get back in touch with Days of our Lives!

We'll see.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Why am I addicted to TV?

I watch big brother. It's a VERY addictive show. I'm very sad because Kaysar, who just came back into the house is probably getting kicked off again. He's the best one in that stupid house, and he's so smart, and I just don't want to see him go. I hate Jen for nominating him after she promised him she'd nominate James. SIGH! Okay enough on BB.

On an other note, I watched Miami Ink last night on TLC. What a cool show! I pretty much have a crush on Yoji. I think he's so funny and cute. And I think Ami, the supposed owner of the shop, is a HUGE penis. (that's my new insult to call people... it's pretty funny and I laugh everytime I say it!) The reason I say supposed owner is that I found out that he and Chris Nunez both own the shop, but for some reason they don't tell us that in the show. Anyways, it's a pretty interesting show and it's REALLY making me want another tattoo. Pretty much everyone who watches it has said they are getting tattoo fever! Kristen will come home with a full sleave (hopefully with naked ladies on it) one of these days!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

H-Mo in the hizzouse!

So I'm finally 21 years old. I don't really feel any different, though I've got a bit of a coffee buzz from having a grande non-fat caramel macchiato from starbucks. People keep telling me that my life will suddenly become very different, but I can't really see how 21 is all that different than 20. I guess I DO get to drink everywhere now, so that's a plus. And if I commit a crime in the states, I now get tried as an adult. But maybe that happens at 18, I can't remember. Anyways, I guess I'll have to wait and see!

I guess my first posting as a blogger isn't that exciting, but it's my birthday and I don't feel like sitting in front of a computer!

And by the way, my title is care of my sister, who told me that it had to be in my first blog! So there you go Krizzle. Hope you like it!