Wednesday, July 25, 2012


July sort of whizzed by! Some parts were slow (like every bedtime), and some were quick (having fun with friends), but all of a sudden it's almost August!

August will bring the Olympics, my birthday, and Matt's triumphant end to working out of town! It also brings me one month closer to going back to work. Boo.

What have we been up to?

We went to a blogger meet up at Leigh's house. It was nice to meet some new people! I'll admit that I  definitely wasn't at my best that evening since Zoey screamed, and I mean screamed, the entire way there and home again. She's been having a few digestive issues and she was feeling the effects of a full belly. I was pretty distracted and had to leave early. It was still nice to be there and thanks again Leigh for hosting us!

I started going to a baby bootcamp in the park, and it's made me realize how little I've done in terms of strength training. I am definitely feeling sore but in a good way!

We've begun the search for childcare. Another flight attendant and I are sharing a nanny so we've been conducting interviews. It's a little strange to be on the other side of the interview table for a change!

Zoey ate some grass and choked in the car. I actually had to pull over and run around, get her out and thankfully she threw up just as I got her out of the car seat.  My heart was racing like crazy but luckily my first aid training kicked in! Yikes!

I went to a back carry class at Babes in Arms to learn how to wear Zoey on my back. I'm a huge fan of carrying Zoey in our Ergo but so far I've only worn her on my front and occasionally on my hip. I learned how to get her in the ergo on my back and also bought a long woven wrap to explore all sorts of carries with that too. The Ergo I have isn't the best fit for my body type and back carries, and though it will work, I might get a little sore after wearing her for a long period of time. The woven wrap is way more customizable for different body shapes so hopefully I'll have some luck with that. It's super confusing right now to learn but with practice I'm sure I'll figure it out.

We are so happy that the heat has subsided a little bit! I can't even explain how much I hate the heat!!!!

This weekend is the Calgary Folk Music Festival, and I THINK I'll be going on Sunday.  Matt is volunteering Friday-through Sunday evenings and so we're hoping to make a day of it as a family.  I don't actually have a ticket and it's sold out, but we're looking on kijiji and I think we've found one.  We shall see!

Zoey is a moving machine! She is crawling, kneeling, pulling herself up to kneeling and sometimes a little higher, and getting into everything she shouldn't. She loves eating flipflops (gross!), sucking on iPhone chargers and sleeping on her stomach. This week has brought a lot of changes for her. Matt will hardly recognize her!

Do you all have fun August plans?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Fun

After the hair posts I apparently didn't have much else to say!

A few fun days have happened since then. Canada Day brought some fun down at Fort Calgary.

Then the Stampede started, but Zoey slept through her first visit so we're going back tomorrow! I can't wait to see her around all the animals!

We also had some fun at Sandy Beach (a little park with a tiny, rocky beach... the name is a little deceiving) and Riley Park (a wading pool).

Also, Zoey started crawling and sitting up by herself! How exciting!  She's doing mostly the army crawl but every once in a while she pops up on all fours and crawls across the floor.

She's on the verge of getting her two front teeth and that combined with the heat wave has made things a little interesting around here in the evenings. (And by interesting I mean terrible.)  I HATE the heat. It definitely brings out the worst in me  so I'm working hard to keep my cool (pardon the pun) when Zoey freaks out at night. Heat, teething, no Matt, cranky me... It could be the perfect storm.  BUT, I'm doing my best and that's as good as it can get!

How do you deal with the heat?