Thursday, May 27, 2010

The home stretch!

Life has been a whole bunch of working and training!!

I swam lots this month, and it really improved my speed and technique.  I'm feeling great, and hoping I'll make my swim well within the time cutoff for the race.  Biking has been another story... Not too many rides on the real roads so I'm really going to focus on that after my half marathon.

Speaking of the half on the 6th, I'm getting really excited for the race!  Matt and I are heading out early and taking my gramps to a red sox game, and we'll have a little time in Vermont to relax before the race.  I'm told there's a little lake nearby, so I plan on doing a few swims there for training.  My running hasn't been exactly where I want it for the race, but I feel confident that I'll do well, and if I don't get under 2 hours, which is my goal, it's not the end of the world.  I know I have it in me, but if the weather is too hot, I think I may fade a little.  I went for a training run in the heat a couple of weeks ago, and it was BRUTAL.  It's very hot in Vermont right now, so it's not looking amazing, but I'll wait and see.  I'll do my best, and that's as well as I can do!  This race is about Team Alzheimer's, family, and enjoying myself, so if I can't perform the way I want, I will still get lots out of it.

After the race, it will be ALL about the bike.  I will have my ass attached to that seat as much as I possibly can.  I am slightly worried about the bike time cutoff for the half ironman.  I am not allowed to continue racing if I finish the bike over 5 hours after I start the race, which means the swim plus the bike can't equal more than 5 hours.  I really don't have an accurate estimate of what I'm capable of, but I just feel like I could take 4 plus hours to bike 94 km.  I guess once I get out for a few long training rides, I'll know a little more what kind of time I'm looking at.  I am a little nervous though, I'm not going to lie. 

That's about that!  Next week will involve a lot of flying and driving, but then fun and relaxing with the fam!  Wahoo!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm a fish.

Today was a great day for workouts!  I got up this morning, went swimming, and had such a confidence boosting swim!  I did a warm-up of 600m, with some kicking, pulling and regular swimming, then I did 1650m of continuous swimming.  Instead of just swimming and counting up to 1650, I started with 275, then I did 250, then I did 225 etc. until I got to 25 and I was done!  I didn't stop between my sets (except a few goggle readjustments), so I still did 1650 continuous, but it helped make it a little more do-able for me, and also helped me not loose count.  My biggest problem swimming is that I loose count of my laps and end up doing too few. (funny how I never do too many...)  I then did a 200m cool down and called it a day.  I just felt amazing having finished such a long swim in about an hour.  The 70.3 swim leg is 1900m, so I was only 250 shy of the total.  It made me feel so much more confident that I will actually be able to finish the swim part, and within the time cutoff too.  My whole workout took an hour, so I know I'll be able to do 1900 within the one hour cutoff.  I felt so good leaving the pool.  I started to feel a little tight in my shoulders during the last 200m, but with time I know I'll be ok.

I worked all day at the shop, mostly taking returns from the big sale we had this weekend, but the time flew by and before I knew it, I went home and got ready for my run.  I really didn't want to, but I sucked it up and went.  I did 14km around the river, and I definitely overdressed.  I got dressed, and even thought to myself "I think I'm going to be too hot", but went out anyway.  I was wearing full length tights, a tank top, a long sleeve (I almost wore a thermal long sleeve instead, thank goodness I didn't), gloves and a thermal headband.  I definitely didn't need all those clothes, but I wasn't BOILING and I survived.  It tends to get windy around the river, so I think that's why I thought I should wear everything, but I could have at least worn capri pants, no gloves, and a normal head band.  My head was very sweaty!

This week is all swimming all the time, so I'll smell like pool and have super dry skin.  Fun!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Feeling a little guilty

I have so much to say, but not enough time to say it!  I've been working and out of town for what seems like forever.  Every time I see my blog I think about how much I want to post, but I haven't had any time on the computer! 

I will start with a bike ride.  My third attempt on the bike went well.  I went on a path that was technically closed, which worked very well with me because it wasn't busy, and I had to stop, unclip, and walk my bike over parts that were under construction, and so I got all sorts of practice getting on and off my bike!  I even went in and out of aero position lots!  Yay for me!

Next was the Glencoe Icebreaker 10km race.  I saw Leana at the shop for package pick up, and she introduced herself and then we talked about how terrible my fall was.  It was nice to meet her!  Then Saturday before the race I went to a wedding reception, had more drinks than I intended, wore 4 inch stilettos, and had three hours of sleep.  I wasn't super excited to get up and race the next morning, but I gave it a go!  I took it a little easy during the first 5 km because I wasn't sure what my body would do.  I have a sensitive stomach, so cramps and stitches were definite possibilities.  Luckily, I felt pretty good and even powered up a hill and passed a bunch of people.  (Nothing feels better than being strong on hills!!)  I saw Leana at the top of the hill and again  little later, which was nice!  At half way, when I was still feeling good, I decided I would pick it up a notch.  Then, at 6km, I grabbed a quick sip of water and picked it up again.  Since I was feeling good still, I decided I would pick it up more at each of the remaining kms and hope for the best.  I got to 9km and just powered through to the end and ended up finishing with a time of 51:23!  A new PR!  Wahoo!  Normally I take walk breaks when I run, but for this race I didn't, with the exception of my quick water stop.  I can't run and drink since my stomach is so sensitive and I end up swallowing so much air.  I don't think I've ever run 10km without walking, so this was a new experience and it ended up working.  I couldn't have run 10 more km at that speed or without a break, but it was nice to know I could do it this time.  I really liked that race, and though it wasn't my "A" race, I am very happy to have a new PR.

What next?  Oh, my brother in law ran a stupid ridiculous boston marathon time!!!  I yelled out in the middle of the mall when I saw his finishing time on my iPhone tracker thingy!  Under 3 hours is just unimaginable to me!  Go Jordan!

Matt and I went to Toronto for a very weddingy weekend!  Kristen came too, and we had a big family shower in the afternoon and a Jack and Jill party in the evening.  It was strange for me, since I didn't know many people there, but it was fun and I was very grateful to have Kristen there with me!  She's such a good big sister.

I've been getting tortured by my chiropractor lately since I've had a few shin and calf issues on my left leg.  I really don't like how much he hurts me, but it's supposed to help in the end, so I'll suffer.  I've had a few bruises down my shin, on my left butt cheek, left hip, and both feet though.  He's so mean.

I've been working lots and lots, and thankfully I'm home now for about two weeks!  I'll have to hit the pool in a major way, since I've been slacking.  I luckily missed the blizzard in Calgary while I was working, so now that I'm home and the weather is nicer, I'll have to head out for bike rides too.  It's getting a lot closer to the 70.3 and I'm getting really scared.  My Vermont race is coming up really quickly too, and I need to pick my mileage up again.  I was up to 18km a month ago, but then I got had some issues and my life got in the way, so I'll have to get back up there so I can have a good, strong race on June 6th.

I think that's about all I can think of right now.  I'm sure I'll have more soon! 

OH, anyone in the Calgary area, there is a nice big Tech Shop sale this Friday and Saturday at Mount Royal College on the track.  I'll be there on Friday, and I can't wait to see what's all on sale!  I plan to pick up a few pairs of shoes to do me through the year.  I can't wait!