Sunday, May 27, 2007

We did it!

Well the race is all over, and I'm pretty happy about it. But we did great. Kristen and I finished in an hour and one minute, me running in two seconds before her, only because I got a "second wind" and figured that if I slowed down at all I would fall so I kept running. She definitely ran a better race than me, in that she wasn't cursing the world for the majority of it. After the first kilometer my knees and ankle were hurting quite a bit, and I was getting pretty discouraged, but there's something about running in a big group that makes you keep going and not want to look like an idiot. Kristen and I mostly ran together except when I thought it would never end, lagged behind, then realized we had one kilometre left and just ran and ran and ran. I had missed the route marker for 7k, and then people started saying "only two kilometers to go!" and I was thinking to myself "what a cruel joke, we haven't even gotten to 7 yet!" Then I saw the 8K marker, got a little happier, then booked it for the last one and was very happy when it was over. It felt really good to finish though, and with a pretty good time too.

Jordan ran his marathon today, and he did incredibly. He beat what he was going for by quite a bit, and if it wasn't for Matt spotting him out of the blue we would have totally missed him. I'm so proud of him! And of us! Yay us for following through on this. After running the 10k, I think I want to try for something more. We'll see.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I can't stand up

Why? I am so incredibly sunburned on my legs. It hurts to stand. Ridiculous. I sent my sister a pretty funny e-mail describing how it all happened and how it took me a few minutes to walk down the hall at Matt's house while holding the wall to keep steady, but I'm feeling uninspired at this moment because I'm worried that I won't be able to run my race on Saturday. Or go to Wonderland tomorrow. I'm thinking I'll just suck it up and go, and suffer through the pain. Is it bad that my bones hurt?

I didn't really get burnt anywhere but my legs, because I put sunscreen everywhere but my legs. Why? Because I thought they could use "a little sun" since they're so pale. "A little sun" turned into a touch more than anticipated, and my legs are seriously more burnt than I've ever seen. Or felt. It's horrible.

That is all. I don't know what else to say about that.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

H and M? (blogger isn't letting me put the "and" sign... not sure why)

A store with my initials HAS to be fabulous right? Right. It's awesome. In Montreal, in Toronto, and probably a lot of other great cities. Do you know where is licks testicles? Calgary. Yep. Sucks.

I went in today after hearing from two different sources that it was bad. I kept a positive attitude, decided I would find out for myself if it was good or bad. I had a pair of fabulous jeans that I got in the one in Toronto that I wanted to exchange for a different size, and I thought instead of waiting until I go back to Toronto, I would do it here, since YAY we have an H&M here. Well, it was bad. Very very bad. It is sort of like Le Chateau. So not great. And they didn't even have the jeans I had.

I walked around, looking for all the cool print t's and the graphic hoodies, searching for all the things with skulls all over them and super trendy clothes that can't be found anywhere else. There were none. NONE.

I found a cute tank top and decided to buy it. When I was at the till I decided to ask the worker why it sucked so very badly. He informed me that they only carry a few of the lines that H&M has. So the super cool line with all the super cool clothes? Not at this H&M. BUT, there are supposed to be two more H&Ms opening within the year here in Calgary, so they will have more of the lines. But for now, extreme disappointment. I told him that it was a tragedy, and he looked at me and said "sweetie, you're telling me. I'm stuck wearing a bad american eagle button up knockoff to work!" and I giggled, and felt slightly better since he hated it too.

So now I'll have to resort to eastern H&Ms with more tax until Calgary decides we can be cool too.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Weekend? In Toronto? Yes, it's true.

I know it's almost next weekend, but I'm posting about my last weekend. Matt and I went to Toronto to spend the weekend with his family and friends. Technically he lives just outside Toronto, in a little town that's pretty quaint, yet so close to the city. It's quite convenient.

We flew in pretty late, and I should add that that was the closest I've ever come to not making a flight before... We were literally the last two people on the plane, and not because we were late, but because they didn't think there was room for us. I basically kept harassing the CSA and finally he told us there was room for us. Yay!

We went out to a bar that night, had some fun, drank a beer, and then went home. The next day we slept a lot, then went out to see one of Matt's brother at the golf course that he works at, kind of far away but nice. Then that night we went out in downtown Toronto to this super cool giant pub called Madison, and as a side note I saw Matte Babel from Muchmusic and we're best friends now. Then the next day we went downtown during the day and walked around and saw a bunch of things... We went back to his house, I gave his brother a mohawk, and we went to bed. The next day Matt was working at his job from last summer, so his mum and I went to this warehouse perfume sale. I kind of bought a few perfumes, but they were super cheap so I couldn't resist. After, I went for a run and then cooled off by swimming in their pool. Seriously, my boyfriend ('s parents) has a pool!!!!!! I was like a little kid, so excited that someone I knew had a swimming pool. No one but me and Matt's little brother would go in so early in the season, so the two of us had somersault competitions while everyone else thought we were crazy for swimming in the cold pool. Then on Tuesday morning I left for home, and that's about it.

I had a really great time, and I definitely like Toronto, but I won't compare it to Calgary even though everyone there asked me "so it's better than Calgary hey??". They're just way too different. I'm super excited for the long weekend because we're going back to Toronto, and then near the end of the week we're going to Ottawa to visit with Kristen and Jordan and for the big race!! Eeeps it's coming up pretty soon!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Carts, carts, and more carts

Yesterday was the first day of carts. Carts for pepsi, carts for pretzels, and carts for pringles, licorice and the chicken ciabatta sandwich. It was very different. But not all that bad. Though I really do have to watch for that transition. It's a toughy.