Tuesday, December 18, 2007

7 Things, as per Kristen

Since my sis tagged me, I'll buckle down and give 7 little known facts about me.

1 - I ate two black olives the other day and didn't completely hate them. I normally hate olives. Maybe I'll like them soon.

2 - In the morning, my eyes water so much that it looks like I'm crying. Normally it's only one eye at a time.

3 - I really HATE being cold. I also severely dislike being too hot.

4 - I love having an excuse to dress up, but I get sore when I wear heels. I always say if I wore them more often I wouldn't get to sore, but it's hard. But I love dressing up. LOVE IT. (Only if I have something to wear. I'll let you in on what happens when Kristen and I don't have a outfit and are forced to dress up: We both get cranky. VERY cranky. And we storm around like rhinoceroses trying to get ready. Then I feel bad for making my parents mad so I try to make Kristen less cranky by doing something stupid. Sometimes it works, sometimes it makes her more mad. Moral of the story? Plan outfits far in advance.)

5 - I would like to be more caught up on current events. I should make more effort to watch the news, since I don't get the newspaper.

6 - As much as I love my job, I know I have more to offer the world. I would not be satisfied if this was all I did, unless this job allowed me to do something else at the same time. (And I don't think people who are flight attendants their whole lives haven't reached their potential, but for ME it's not right.)

7 - I know that technically, money doesn't bring happiness, but I don't think I'll ever be completely happy unless I'm a little (or a lot) more than comfortable financially. I like entertaining, traveling, wearing nice clothes (as read above), dining out, and buying gifts. I don't think I can do this unless I have cash. And I like sparkly diamonds. Call me superficial. Go ahead. I dare you.

That wasn't easy. And I'm pretty sure Kristen knew a lot of those. Oh well. I tried.

I know I didn't tag anyone but I think others will tag enough for me as well.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Maybe the girls think they work at a Spa

Today I had a fitness test at my gym in order for them to set up a fitness program of some sort for me. When I signed up for the gym I got this for free, but never did it. They realized this now, just nine short months later, and told me I should get on it. So I did. Well it started out with all sorts of measurements, then a body fat analysis type thing, then the hardest five minutes of my life, then flexibility and push ups. It probably took 25 minutes for the whole thing, and so I feel like perhaps it's hard to judge one's fitness level in such a short time, but whatever I'll roll with it. So apparently I am the highest you can be in every category except flexibility, (which I can understand since I never stretch), where I am "fair". Now This surprises me quite a bit, since I'm not the greatest person fit wise. The hardest five minutes of my life were on the bike. It was set at the highest resistance ever and I had to just keep pedaling. Man on man I thought I was going to die, and the pedals were seriously going one turn every 10 seconds, then when it all stopped, the results popped up and said "elite". I was like "um, sorry? I just almost died and now my fitness level is elite??". After that, I had to do some kind of flexibility test which wasn't fun, then do as many push ups as I could possibly do.

After all this, the trainer told me that the body fat test was very healthy, and the only thing I need to work on is flexibility. As much as this is nice to hear, it's a) hard to believe since I have extra weight that I KNOW is there, b) not very motivating and c) just plain weird.

Anyway I guess I'm getting some kind of program made up for me that I'll throw in with the half marathon training and we'll see what happens from there. To be fair, I'm pretty sure the people who work at this gym aren't all trainers, so for all I know this girl was just following some kind of chart and maybe looked at it upside down, so I'm not taking this to heart. But really? That's just weird.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sushi wushi

The other night, Matt and I made sushi. I was pretty nervous about it, since I've had some good and bad homemade sushi before, and it looks pretty hard to do, since the rice has to be just so, and the rolling technique doesn't look easy as pie, but I thought it would be fun to attempt it. (That was a terribly bad run on sentence. My brain hurts too much to fix it. You'll understand at the end of the post.) (I'm pretty sure "terribly bad" isn't really great grammar either. Oh well.)

So, I bought some short grain brown rice, made it with a little extra water so it would be stickier, just like someone told me to do, and then I made a bit of a rice vinegar/sugar mixture, and added it to the rice after the rice was done cooking and stirred it around really well. Let that mixture cool off for a while, and then just cut up some veggies to put it. We had sweet potato (that was cooked with some bread crumbs so it was a little tempura esque), red pepper, avocado, cuke, and what else? Can't remember. Matt and I had a blast making these rolls, and man o man did they turn out perfectly. The first one was good, and then the rest were just fantastic. I kept saying "really? are these really this good??" and I took a few pictures because they looked so damn good, but I can't find my camera cord right now so those will have to wait. But seriously, make sushi. It's fun and easy. I just had the best time ever.

Right now the weather here is really nice, but the sad and unfortunate consequence is that I have probably the worst headache I've had in a LONG time. It's bad. So yay to chinooks, nay to chinook headaches.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Time to rest!

I unexpectedly got to Hawaii. Yes. Hawaii. I was sick for a day, so I didn't work one of my scheduled pairings, but then I was healthy, so I was on reserve for three days. They called me in the afternoon, gave me a pairing for the three days, and oh wait look! A pairing to Honolulu! I have been itching to get a Hawaii overnight. They are practically impossible to get, and I've been bidding for them since I started, and never got one. Then, I'm on reserve, and they call me in for one! Someone must have been on their death bed to call in sick for a Hawaii, but I'm not too upset about that since I GOT IT! So you work all night to Honolulu, get in late late, we had a couple of drinks at the pool side bar, then went to sleep for a few hours, got up, had a beautiful buffet breakfast on the beach, then went and had a little nap on Waikiki beach, had another nap in my hotel room, and then got up to work all night back to Calgary. It was incredible. I was surprised that Waikiki beach was so small... I imagined it to be huge, but it was very small and PACKED full of people. Either way, it was the beach, so there wasn't much to complain about. I was ecstatic.

From now until after Christmas, I'm only working a tiny bit, so I'm happy that I get to spend time at home and rest. And I'm pretty much done my shopping with the exception of two gifts. Seriously. I love it. I even have a bunch wrapped!! I'm feeling great about it.

It's pretty cold around Canada these days. Every city I've gone to has been colder and colder than the previous one. People are getting stranded in cities because planes can't fly out due to the snow, and we're delayed almost every flight because of all the de-icing. Arg. Oh well, I don't have to deal with ANY of the pre Christmas flying stress. Hallelujah! For all the rest of you? Suckas!

On a side note, Ellen has this new game on her show. I can't remember the name, but man it's hysterical. Someone gets up on this podium, and there's a ball pit behind them, and a moving wall coming towards them with a shape cut out of it. The object of the game is to make your body the shape of the hole in the wall so that the wall passes through you. If you aren't the right shape and you can't fit through the wall, you fall into the ball pit. It's way too funny. I pretty much die laughing every time I see it. You should all try to see it. It will make your day.