Sunday, May 24, 2009

Race Reports

This was a busy weekend for a lot of people!

Over in Ottawa, Kristen ran an awesome 10k! Woooweee good job and great time! Jordan ran an awesome marathon with a great personal best and boston qualifying time. Were there 50 pushups? I'm not sure. Jordan's parents walked a great half marathon too! I don't know what the time was but any weekend where four people run races with personal bests and no trips to any medic tents is great! Good for all of them!

I was busy with being on call at work, and having to stay up and be ready to hurry into work until 1am. LAME! I was on call for 5 days and assuming I don't get called out in the next 3 hours, I didn't hear a peep for the crew schedulers. I got paid (a little) for sitting around working on my project for my Stampede committee! Today before my on call time I went out for a little brick workout with Katie, and we biked the route for next week's race and then ran the route as well. Things learned:
1. I am in trouble when I get my road bike tomorrow. I couldn't seem to get going when I tried on Katie's. It's very wobbly!
2. This is a boring bike route. Four 3k loops with lots of turns. Yawn.
3. I'm a chicken. I can physically go fast on the bike, but I'm way too scared.
4. Running after biking isn't really that easy.
5. We are vain, because most of our conversation revolved around how terrible we're going to look after the swim and how we wish we could have permanent make-up.
Regardless, we had fun and it was such a nice day out that it made it extra enjoyable.

Matt and I went to the bottle depot and got 23$! Sweet.

I need to find a cute dress for a fancy wedding at the beginning of July. I was thinking something short ish, structured (not flowy) and maybe strapless? It's going to be stinking hot in Toronto I'm assuming so less is more here. So far I haven't found anything but I've barely looked. Any suggestions?

I don't think I'm going to post pics of my new uniform because my mum always gets mad at me when I talk about work too much, and she wouldn't approve of me showing everyone on the internet who I work for. Maybe if I blur it out or something... I'll work on it.

Next weekend is going to be busy for us Calgarians, with Kirsten running the calgary half marathon and me doing my little triathlon. I hope the weather is good!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm alive! Just a bad blogger.

Since I haven't been too motivated to write a post in a while, I think the list format is appropriate.

  • My first super sprint triathlon is on the 31st. Um, yikes!
  • I wish it was a different day so I could go watch Kirsten run her race. If it's a good day, I think she's going to blow it out of the water!
  • I've really been enjoying not having to sort or take back my recycling. Unfortunately I'm too cheap to put my cans and bottles in there, so those are piling up like crazy.
  • I went to Banff for mother's day brunch and I got a gluten free english muffin and flourless chocolate cake! Since then, I've made 2 of those cakes and man o man they are delicious.
  • The weather is crappy. That is all.
  • My entire core of my body is sore. Too many sit ups I guess.
  • We got the barbeque going on Sunday and it was great! I love barbequeing veggies and all that. Everything tastes better on the bbq.
  • The launch date for new uniforms at work is quickly approaching. It's a big change! Very fancy.
  • I'm furiously trying to be comfortable on a bike and it's hard. I'm not so much worried of my ability to finish 12k on a bike for my race, but I'm worried about cycling on a course with other people and not getting in the way or breaking some unwritten rule. Yikes.
  • Matt found out yesterday that he passed his school stuff for his apprenticeship!
  • What else?
  • My apartment is cold. I just don't have the heart to turn the heat back on. Maybe closing a window would help.
  • I think that new movie with Christian Bale and Johnny Depp looks really good.
  • I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to just order HBO so that I can watch the new season of True Blood starting in June. If you don't know what True Blood is, and you enjoyed Twilight but wished it wasn't for teenagers, then you need to watch True Blood. Better yet, go to chapters or indigo and get this series of books. The show is based off the books. They're fun, though nothing that exhausts your brain power, but you will not regret it.
  • Outdoor field hockey started a couple of weeks ago. It's fun. Lots of running, but fun.
I think that's enough for now. I am going to try to post a little more. I know your lives have been incomplete since my last post, and I apologize.