Thursday, June 06, 2013

Three Things Thursday

I've been MIA again; such is the theme to this blog! I've been hot, sick of the rain, and pregnant. Also suffering from heartburn. But life goes on! As do my three things!

1. Matt and I can NOT agree on a girl's name for our baby. We are polar opposites it seems, and we think the other's suggestions are crazy. I love Violet, Piper, Lavender and Paige while he has issues with all of them. I think we will end up choosing one of his names, so I won't list them, but I'll give you his specifics: doesn't like names ending in "et", two syllables or less, and not Piper. PLEASE give me some suggestions! (I'll throw my specification in there, which is preferably not ending in "y" or that sound, since we already have a Zoey). We have a boy name already so no need to worry on that. This happened last time too - we chose the boy name right away, and waffled forever on a girl name. It's just killing me.

2. I'm so thankful the weather has turned around and it's no longer raining. I never knew how much I could hate the rain until I had a toddler chanting "walk!" 24/7.

3. I think Zoey might have some sort of nut issue. She threw up once when I put cashews in her oatmeal, and today she threw up after eating a homemade granola bar with pecans in it. This has never happened with peanuts though. Kind of strange! I wonder if it's a coincidence or not.

Can you think of any names that fit? Help!

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