Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Apartment? Oh yes.

I would like to say "I got an apartment!" but I can't, since I really had nothing to do with it whatsoever. So instead, I will say "Linda got us an apartment!" Yay!

In the area I wanted, decent sized, has a freaking DISHWASHER, good sized rooms, new floors (tile and hardwood), and really it's very nice. The only bad thing is that the building looks slightly like a penitentiary, but the inside is so nice it's hard to care. I'm quite excited.

AND I got a new duvet cover/sheets. I think I'm going to have to go back to IKEA and get the curtains that will go with the new colour scheme. I'm very excited about it since I've been wanting one for SOOOOOOOOO long, and now I don't have to use the random one that I got when I got my bed from someone who didn't want it anymore, (yes, the cover was someone else's... and ugly) and now I can stop complaining. I got some of those weird papery lampy things that hang from the ceiling too. I'm really excited to get my own room that has real things!

We picked up some chairs and a tv stand to go in our place as well, and some other little thing-a-ma-bobs. We're pretty stoked.

Now we just have to wait for those renovations to be finished so we can move in!!!!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Days off

It's so nice to have a couple of days off to chill and hang out and not do anything! Well I did do things, like run some errands, make some appointments, look for apartments, (with no luck ps) etc. I've slept in, had lunch with my dad, cleaned my room, did laundry, and that's about it!

I watched Brokeback Mountain FINALLY, and wow it was amazing. I really really liked it. It was very interesting to think of how it must have been to be gay in that time and in that area/lifestyle. I liked how it made me think. Anyways, a great movie for those who haven't seen it yet. It was funny to see Anne Hathaway in a for real movie as opposed to the fluffy princess diaries and that weird one where she was a doll or something. I really enjoyed the evolution of her hair in Brokeback... Funny stuff.

I got my July schedule finally, and it looks pretty good. I've got some good days off, hopefully I'll make another little trip down to Ottawa. I also forgot about the Stampede, so I'm excited to have some fun with my friends going to Nashville North and perhaps Cowboys... (now that I don't have to pay and all).

As far as the apartment hunt, it's not really going so well. We want to live in the Kensington/Hillhurst/Crescent Heights area, and it's just tough to find something now. Everything is rented for July 1st, and people keep telling us to call after July 1st to ask about August 1st, so it's hard to just sit tight and wait. There's a three bedroom that is potentially available soon, so if we can get that, I'll just advertise at work for a third roommate and I'm pretty sure we'll have some luck with that. I'm optimistic, but still frustrated. Anyone have an apartment in that area that they don't want?

That's pretty much my update at this point. Nothing too new to report. Life as a flight attendant is fun, but I do find myself wanting to sit at my kitchen table with my mum and my cat every once in a while. At the same time as wanting a space of my own, I still want my home too! Luckily I still live here so I can have both. (Sorry Kristen... I'm sure you're thinking "umm, yeah, I know how you feel". If I could sit at the kitchen table with Mum and Willow AND you I would be MUCH happier!)

I fly out tomorrow for four days, then I have the whole rest of the month off!!!!!! I have the end of next month off as well, so I'm pretty stoked about that. Looks like I'll be finding an other job pretty quick so that I can afford everything I want to do (like impromptu trips to Ottawa).

All in all, life is good!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ma Ha!

I'm gloating. Yes. The Oilers LOST. I can't even tell you how much I didn't want them to win. I pretended that I wouldn't MIND if they won, since they ARE Canadian, but in reality, I really just wanted them to lose.

Plus, my favourite ex Flames player Commodore got to win the cup after losing it two years ago!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

I'm SO tough

So Vancouver was awesome. We had SUCH a great time. It was very busy and I'm off again to work tonight, so I will pay for this later, but I'm livin in the NOW baby!

Speaking of living in the now, I did something pretty spur of the moment! I like to do things on instinct, not so planned out... For example, when I was in England, I decided to get my bellybutton pierced when we walked by the piercer. Or in Montreal when I was in grade 11 on a school exchange, I decided to get a tattoo. Well, in true Heather fashion, I decided to tag along with Christian and his friends to the tattoo parlor and got one myself! The night before they said they were getting tattoos, and I thought to myself that I would also enjoy one. Then the next day, I realized they were actually serious, and it was "now or never". So I did it. And I wasn't even CLOSE to as wussy as I thought I'd be. After watching Miami Ink and seeing how much those guys make fun of the girls who cry and stuff, I just COULDN'T be like that. I didn't cry or scream or swear or make her stop or anything... I held Vanessa's hand pretty tightly though. I even laughed a few times! It really didn't hurt as much as I had expected, being on the top of my foot and all. I pictured unbelievable pain, but it really wasn't SO bad. (Oh yeah, it's my zodiac sign... I decided I'm never NOT going to be a Leo, so it's nothing I will ever regret or change my mind about.) I'm pretty stoked about it!

Ta da!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tired. Oh so freaking tired.

Not because work is hard (since today I had a whopping TWO WHOLE FLIGHTS, one from Montreal to Toronto, and the other from Toronto to Montreal, both being under one hour), but because I insist on NOT SLEEPING. I stayed up last night chatting with Yvette (since she was conveniently in Montreal at the same time) until at least 1 am, and my check-in this morning was at 5:45, then instead of coming back to the hotel and napping, I showered and hopped on the bus / metro and walked around Montreal for 7 hours. Seriously. SERIOUSLY?

And what am I doing tomorrow? Getting back to Calgary at 2:00, going home, re-packing, then going to Vancouver with Vaness for Christian's birthday, coming back on Saturday, then working again on Saturday night until Tuesday morning.

Someone slap some sense into me... please? (But after this weeked in Vancouver k?, because I have a sneaking suspicision it's going to be AWESOME!)

I have a feeling I might die after this... or at least crash. Hard.

Right now, I'm going to bed. (and in my defence, it's 8:00 here, so it's not THAT bad.)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sexy Pictures

I wonder how many times this post will pop on google searches when someone is looking for porno?

Anyways, I promised sexy pictures of me in my new glasses, and I've honestly only taken one picture so far, and that was with Steph in the car waiting to cross the US border to go shopping in Seattle. So here you go.

Now I know how Jordan feels when everyone compliments his glasses. I've had friends, the guy at the cell phone store, passengers (or "guests" I should say) on my flights, all sorts of people saying that they like my glasses! It feels nice! And I feel so fashionable in my D&G specs!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Made it!

I'm back! And I totally rocked it out!!! I did super well according to the guy who was "testing" me. There were only three of us flight attendants for the four days (when there are normally four), so things were a little busier than normal, but he kept saying that he forgot that he was actually testing me, and that it felt like he was working with a regular crew! And so did the other FA who was working with us! She has been around for years and said it felt really good!

Not to say that I didn't make any mistakes, because I sure did... like forgetting what I'm supposed to say over the PA and things like that, but he said I looked like I had worked there for years! I'm very happy!

Now I just have to stop having vertigo and clutching to things every time I go to walk around in fear that the turbulence will knock me over! (And no, I didn't spill anything on anyone though I ALMOST fell on top of a guy today when some heavy bumps came about.)

So I feel confident, but I know I still have things to learn. But all in all, YAY FOR ME!!!!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Skeleton Gig

A humourous video... a little something to make you laugh.

Tomorrow, not Today

Apparently I don't know how to read calendars, and once I read something one time, I don't go back to re-read anything to make sure I know what I'm talking about.

My first flight is TOMORROW. Not today. TOMORROW.

So a whole other day to freak out. Great.

I'm a total crack face.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Tomorrow is my first shift!!! Four whole days of Flight Attendanting starting tomorrow! I'm nervous, but excited... but nervous. I know that I know my stuff, but it's just nerve racking to have to put it all to use all of a sudden!!!

I hope I do okay!

Know any good jokes to tell the peeps on the plane?