Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm sick of looking at you, flood post.

No more floods. (Well I hope not, but since there was a rain fall warning for Calgary last night, I might not be so lucky.)

I just got into Toronto from Vancouver and it's 7:36 in the morning here. What is the first thing I should do when walking into my hotel room after working for 8 hours overnight? Turn on my computer, of course! I'm lame.

A few things are floating through my mind in this sleepy stupor;
  • I need to get shots soon (read: NOW) if I'm travelling in South America in two months. I didn't really think about that until now.
  • I should probably find some kind of backpack and supplies. Sandra, I'm looking at you when I say this.
  • My boyfriend moves back to Ontario in two weeks, for good. That's kind of lame. Back to being single I guess... maybe I should re-read those posts from six months ago about how I didn't want a boyfriend.
  • I'm going to Vernon on Tuesday to party at a cabin mansion with friends. I'm very excited. I think I'm going to ride a sea-doo for the first time. Fun!
That's all, I should sleep. (The first time I wrote "sleep" I wrote "slepp". Somehow, that's hysterical.

Friday, June 08, 2007


Yes, my apartment flooded. You can read all about it here, and I owe Linda a lot since she cleaned it all up before I could even come home from work. I just had to de-dullify the floors, which isn't the easiest task, but will hopefully work. But yeah, Linda cleaned a lot, she's the best, now we need to figure out how to get swampy smell out. Oh, and clean my room. There's stuff everywhere.

On a side note, does anyone know if a TV will work if it was sitting in three inches of dirty water? I'm scared to turn it on.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Judging by your reaction when I got my first tattoo, Mum, you probably shouldn't read this.

I'm slightly obsessed about getting another tattoo.

I was casually talking about how I'd like to add on to the lady bug on my back with a flight attendant the other day, and I was telling her how I'd like it to come up my back a bit and over my right side, and how I'd like it to be some kind of plant/vegetation/organic thing but I have no idea what I actually want, and she was all "we just got profit share, go get one!". Since then, I've been obsessing. I want it. NOW. I just don't know WHAT.

I've been looking on Flickr at people's photos, and I'm thinking I should find some things that I like, bring them in to a tattoo artist, and see what we come up with. My problem is that I know what I don't want, just not really what I want. I wish I could draw well, that way I could just doodle for a while and eventually what is in my subconscious would come out on paper. But that really isn't going to happen. So I just don't know. I want something artistic, that looks really cool, and that I will love forever.

A little background on the ladybug: I went to Montreal in grade 11, and my friend and I thought we'd be super cool if we came back with tattoos. So we got tattoos. I like ladybugs. Lower back isn't visible to chaperones and parents, so why not a ladybug on my lower back. I still like it, and I know it's not some major work of art or anything, but it's the memory of getting it and how rebellious I felt, and how rumours flew around the school while we were still in Montreal that we got penises and skulls on our boobs, and when we came back everyone asked us to see our tattoos and were so disappointed when they weren't penises and skulls on our boobs. (I, on the other hand, am not disappointed that I don't have a penis and a skull on my boob.) I don't want it covered, I just want to take the memory, and turn it into a really cool (and big ish) tattoo that I can look at and say "I have a super cool tattoo". (I've said super cool at least twice this post.)

Anyway, I'm going to continue my search for something that's along the lines of something that I want. So far I've really narrowed it down, can't you tell?