Monday, July 31, 2006

Down down down...

My internet is down. I'm frustrated. Everyday I see that stupid light blinking, meaning "no, you don't get to check your e-mail today" and it will be August 12 before someone comes to look at it. Shitty.

Meanwhile, I have started working at Starbucks as well as my current job... I'm quite excited about the discounts etc. as well as the extra money and just something to do on my days off. I started today, and work tomorrow and the next day, then I'm flying for a while, then working some more. The shifts are pretty short, so it's not really anything too taxing. We'll see how it goes!

I've seen lots of friends and had some fun over the last week I've been off, so that's pretty good. Nothing too interesting to report though. Partied... that's about all I can say!

I get to see K and J on Thursday and Sunday, since my overnights conveniently end up in Ottawa, and the hotel is not too far from their house. I might have to fanangle some Crave Cupcakes in my luggage... we'll see how that works! Hopefully they'll end up in one peice! (Or at least close!)

That's all I've got for today... New blog appearance is no where near in the works... I need to find myself an e-geek to help me. It's not looking good.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


I'm totally sick of the look of my blog. It's been almost a year, and I definitely need something new. None of the "already made" ones jump out at me... but I'm not really sure how to make my own. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Since when did guys ACTUALLY think that honking their horns, saying something witty like "hey baby enjoying the summer?" and then inviting me to jump in the back of his car so that we could go for a drink would work as a pick up line????????? Am I suddenly so stupid that a) I would think he was cool because he thought to honk his horn at me, and b) that I would actually get into to some strange guy's car to go for a drink, and c) actually care that he seemed genuinely upset and surprised when I didn't agree?

Seriously... Don't honk.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Tonight I went to a sheesha bar with Andrew (a friend from a while ago and there is a slightly twisted story that goes along with it... you can ask me sometime). I didn't know such a place existed in Calgary. Anyway, we walked in and there are tables and a whole wall full of hooka (spelling?) pipes. So you order the flavour of tobacco you want, and they bring it to you all ready to go. We chose cherry cola, which was quite nice actually. So we sat and puffed on our cherry cola sheesha for a few hours and "shot the shit". It was so nice to hang out with a real guy and not think about all the stuff that comes with hanging out with guys. He already knows me, I don't have to "impress" him, and we just had a great time. I know I don't actually have to impress anyone, cause I'm great the way I am, but it's hard to get to the point where the person realizes that, you know? Don't get me wrong, I love being single and getting to "play the field" (in a non nasty way), but I don't like all the politics that go along with it. That's pretty much what I have to say about that.

Tonight was great, and a little update is that I just received a text from him telling me that I rock, and that he just wanted me to know that.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

El Estampido etc.

The Stampede came and went. I went down a total of three times, once for about 5 minutes, the second time for a LONG time with Vanessa (which involved looking at the slicer dicers and then going to Nashville North from 4:30 until 2:00) and the third time to watch the Chuckwagon Races (in the fancy dancy right up close and getting sprayed with dirt from the out riders spot) and go to Ranahan's with Jackie and Mum even though I wasn't dressed according to the code. All in all Stampede was fun.

Then I worked again, and spent the first night in Winnipeg (my first time!) and THAT involved chilling with Yvette and her friends. The one friend who was driving happened to be driving a 1965 Impala with hydraulics. Seriously. I got picked up at the Hilton in an Impala, with the back end all up in the air and the front end all down, and then upon getting in the car making all sorts of hydraulicky noises and each corner going up and down. It was freaking crazy. We went to a bar, drank some beers, drove around, got Wendy's, and then I got dropped off again at about 4:00. It was so surreal. The next day I slept till 2, sat around the pool in 35 degree heat and then checked in for work at 6:45. Such a rough life I lead! I guess things got a little rough yesterday in the air, since we had a batch of nasty turbulence, but that's about it!

I got home today, had sups at my dad's house, and came home bearing leftover BBQ chicken, a coffee maker, ex candy buffet jars for flour and coffee etc. and ex candy buffet spoons for soup. It was sweet! I love going to my parents houses and coming home with a bunch of loot. This is sweet!

I leave again soon but come back on Monday and have the rest of the month off. I think I might be getting a visit from a certain Miss Quinney on Tuesday, so that's exciting.

And happy visiting to mum and Kristen and Jordan and hopefully it isn't too hot there!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Been a while!

It seems like it's been forever since I posted, and even a while since I've been home! Lots is going on, and it's hard to find the time to do everything that I need to do. Right now, I'm posting from my NEW home where I JUST got internet working, and while I'm posting, I'm watching Live with Regis and Kelly since I JUST got cable as well!! I definitely would still be sleeping if the cable guy wasn't coming today, but alas, he came, and I'm awake.

I had some breakfast in my new place, and when I went to get a spoon from my silverware drawer, I noticed that I only have two knives. I have about 12 little spoons, 12 big spoons, a bunch of forks, and two knives. How weird. This isn't really a good thing, since if Linda and I both wanted to eat, and then the next night we both wanted to eat again, we wouldn't have any knives on the second night. I wonder where they are! We had a bunch at our place didn't we Kristen???

Speaking of Kristen, I didn't get a chance to post yesterday because something very wonky happened with my computer at my mums house, but it was her birthday yesterday and so HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTEN!!!!!!!!

I feel bad since I posted this big old picture of Jordan on his birthday, and wrote this whole schpiel about how great he was, and then I didn't post anything for Kristen. BUT, before you all say "what an awful sister, but what a kind sister-in-law", I should say that I ALMOST took a delay on the flight from Edmonton to Calgary yesterday because I was standing in the front galley talking to my sister on my cell phone! AND, even when I called one number and it was some random construction company which was clearly the wrong number, I didn't give up, and called my mum, got the number, THEN called Kristen to wish her a happy birthday. I made women and children WAIT at the gate to board their flight so I could wish my dear old sister a happy birthday!!! SO, really, what's a crappy post, when I made people WAIT to fly to their destination and possibly cost my company a fair amount of money so that I could speak with Kristen the birthday girl! So there!!!

Anyways, I have a big day ahead of me. I have to run a WHOLE bunch of messages (which is my mum's word for errands) and get a bunch of shiat for the place like cleaning stuff, garbage bags, blah blah, visit my mum, and hopefully do a few more things with my place. There's crap everywhere, and I'm not so fond of it.

Sitting here on my couch watching tv, I'm noticing how sad our little tv stand is. First off, it was the weirdest thing to put together. In the instructions, there is a little picture of a pair of hands putting gloves on, and then the gloved hands are turning the legs on the table. Then, there is a picture of NON gloved hands turning the legs with a big X through it. I don't understand. Why do you need to wear gloves to spin legs around? So when we weren't making things work, and when all the legs were at different heights, we kept laughing and saying it was because we weren't wearing gloves. It seriously really weird. Once I find a scanner, I'll put up the instructions. It's totally weird. But anyway, that was a little side rant... The point is we have this giant wall, and this tiny tv stand that's straining to hold this heavy ass tv. I think we need a real kind of centre thingy that hold lots of stuff... and takes up more of the wall.

I also want to go down to the stampede and go into the roundup centre and look at all the slicer dicer things, but I don't know if anyone can go with me! I haven't been able to get a hold of anyone these days, which sucks, but I realize that everyone doesn't have full days off in a row like I have. But yeah, I would like to go to the stampede, so anyone wanna go??

So that's it... all I have to say for now. Check ya later.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Moving Day

I hate packing. And moving.

Tomorrow and the next day I get to spend my two days off doing both of those things. This is honestly one of the very few times I wish I had a boyfriend. When I moved out before, I even had the boyfriend's FRIEND moving (said boyfriend not actually helping), and then moving back in involved the boyfriend since I guilted him the entire time I lived in the apartment that he didn't help at all with the moving in portion. I also had a (future) brother in law helping.

Who do I have now? Part of me is like "oh, I'm independent, I can do it by myself. What. What. You don't know me" but then I remember I have to move things like full tables which aren't taken apart, and realize that no matter how much I love being single and not having anyone to answer to, I don't have four foot long arms.

When we moved in to the last apartment, I actually did quite a bit of moving by myself, but it was mostly box type stuff, not so much full on tables and queen sized mattress and box spring. My pops lovingly volunteered, which I very much appreciate, but only after trying to convince me to call Devin and Nathan, to which I responded "that's not really something I'd ask him to do" and "yeah right fat chance of him helping" to those options, respectively.

So blech to the idea of packing and moving. All day. Twice. This sucks. BUT, Friday night, we will celebrate, in a big way. With a cocktail or two. And going out. To Cowboys perhaps, to celebrate the first night of Stampede. (Cowboys is on the table only because I get in for free, just to defend myself a little bit here. And it's better at stampede, with the big tent thingy and all.)

Anyone wanna help move?

Oh, and for anyone who cares, I did ALL announcements on my flights today sans cue cards. Saweeeeeet!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Canada Day = Hangover


Well I'm actually not THAT hungover. Just a little slow in the moving/thinking department. Last night involved me, Vaness, Christian, Kyle and a lot of gin and gingers. A lot. And then a smokie. And me profusely hitting on the obviously gay smokie seller. And the obviously gay smokie seller profusely hitting on me. Then some piggie-backs. All in all, a great evening.

Happy Canada Day!!!!!!!!!