Friday, February 23, 2007

Don't even go there Angela*

I totally fell off the running wagon, but I'll get back on it, I promise. I was sick. You can't run when you're sick. I also have this weird pulled muscle/fake hernia in my lover stomach that happened as a result of coughing and now hurts me a lot every time I move basically. I'll ignore it and hope it goes away.

I flew to Phoenix and back yesterday. That's really all I have to say about that.

Today I worked at Starbie's, and had a pretty good shift since there were a few people whom I LOVE that I got to work with. One is a girl I just met, who is hysterical and weirdly knows some people I went to high school and junior high with. Another is this guy who is from Vancouver and worked at Starbucks there before moving here. Whenever he messes up he just says "well in Vancouver we did it this way" in a super holier than thou voice (on purpose) and wears women's size zero skinny jeans and glasses with sparkly be-jewels on them. You would think automatically that he's gay, but he's (according to him) not, and despite repeatedly getting hit on by guys at work, I will believe him. I'm not going to ask him flat out "are you suuuuuuuuure?"... I won't go there. But he's awesome.

OK so that was written yesterday, and then I had to go and didn't have time to post it. Now I have time to post it, so here you go.

*Did anyone watch Jonovision on CBC? In the commercials for it when it was first coming out there was this chick that said "Don't even go there, Angela" in this weird voice, and to this day I say that on a semi-regular basis.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm bored.

All this sitting around has made me SO BORED. I can't seem to sleep lots, which tells me that my sickness isn't really all that bad. Normally when I'm super sick all I do is sleep. I'm just woozy, coughy, snotty, achy, and sleepy without being able to sleep.

I have some major cabin fever today too. I'm on the verge of being better, so I'm able to stand up without falling down and have noticed that I look like crap, unlike yesterday when I didn't even think about what I looked like and walked around all day with clumps of snot and drool on my face. (Well I don't think there were actual clumps, but it felt like it). I'm thinking about working tomorrow, since I only will have to work the one day, and then I won't feel as bad about having to call in sick. Why do I feel bad about calling in sick? I HAVE NO IDEA. That's a problem in my opinion, since I shouldn't be made to feel bad about it. And I don't think anyone really has made me feel bad about calling in sick, but I have the guilt. Oh yes, the guilt is there. I should work on that.

I'm sad that I was sick this pairing because I missed three overnights in Ottawa. Oh well, next pairing I have three more overnights in Ottawa, so not all is lost.

I got a new ring tone today. Life is exciting.

I don't think I'm going to Orlando in March anymore... Some of the little details kind of fell through, so it's (hopefully) postponed... Maybe we'll be able to make the trip a little later. I could use the extra time to save some money anyway, so I'll take it as a good thing in disguise. As a few people have pointed out, I'll have to find another occasion to wear my sweet bathing suit.

I got woken up this morning by a bunch of people working outside my bedroom window, hammering incessantly. Forever. Non Stop. I wanted to kill them. The hammering is still going on, actually. The inability to sleep is actually making quite a bit of sense now. See, I must be getting better... My brain is working again.

Grey's is on at 7 tomorrow instead of 9. I thought I would share that information.

I think I'm going to take a walk or something. Anything to get me the hell off this couch.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I'm home. Sick. I tried to work yesterday, and I made it to Vancouver and had to come back home. I am all stuffed up and coughy and gross. To top it off, my whole body hurts from snowboarding, so as I'm coughing up a lung, I'm cringing because it hurts my abs and back. It sucks. Boo. Make it stop.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

OK so I DO know that Jordan's birthday was on the 10th... I'm not totally crazy. I was all mixed up with what day it was currently and so that's why I seem like I'm on crack. Jordan's 27th birthday = February 10th, 2007. There, it's settled.

I got home yesterday from a great four day... I laughed a lot and had a great time with the FA's. It's very refreshing to have good genuine laughs with people for four days. Also, some kids that were travelling yesterday brought us presents! One girl gave us bracelets all packaged in a little box with confetti inside, and the other ones gave us candies and valentines!! It was the cutest thing ever, especially since they were all travelling to go to a funeral. I had some Spiderman valentines and another FA had some Strawberry Shortcake ones, and we had received some valentine candy from the CSA's in Montreal, so we gave the boys the spiderman valentines and the girls the strawberry shortcake ones with some candy and they were really excited. The parents were really appreciative too, and it felt good to be recognized and then make the kids feel good too!

Speaking of Valentine's Day, it was yesterday, and yes this is the first Valentine's with the new boyfriend gentleman caller. Nothing really special was planned, but we made some dinner and then I fell asleep since I had woken up at 2:45 am. Valentine's Day is pretty lame in my book, so I don't need a big fuss made over me. It was no McDonald's date though, like what Kristen and Jordan did.

This weekend will hopefully be a good one... The Lethbridge crew is coming in for reading week, so big parties to follow. I'm going snowboarding on Sunday with Matt and his friend James and James' girlfriend from Toronto. I'm really excited, but nervous because I haven't been in about 5 years. I'm scared I'll make an ass of myself. Oh well, I'm not too worried about it. I'll just make an ass of myself and that's that.

My running training is going pretty well so far. I'm doing it, which was the biggest challenge. The actual running part isn't that hard, just getting my lazy ass to go was what I was most worried about. Kristen and I are making sure we stay on track though. (Well actually she is making sure I go, not so much the other way around.)

That's about it. Oh except I got a sweet argyle sweater and purse at H&M in Montreal. Love that place.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy (belated) Birthday!

I missed it yesterday, but in my defense I flew across the country (and the one south of us) and couldn't get to a computer. Happy Birthday Jordan! You're old. There. I said it.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Things I purchased on my last pairing:

  • A large Tim Horton's coffee and a yogurt and berries
  • A sweater from Le Shithole
  • A kick ass bikini
  • Capri pants from Aritzia (on sale by the way)
  • A grande half sweet vanilla non-fat extra-hot latte and a reduced fat mandarin loaf from Starbucks (I suggest you try that loaf as well as the apricot thumbprint scone. They're delish.)
  • A birthday card and some candy for Jordan's birthday
  • Two cab rides from Kristen's place to my hotel (too cold and too late to walk by myself...)
  • A small decaf mocha at the coffee shop Jordan frequents
  • A cup of coffee from Second Cup
Five days worth of purchases. Not too bad...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Damn you PST

So I found a bathing suit. SERIOUSLY.

It's adorable. It's not really as supportive as I was looking for, but it was honestly way too cute to pass up. It fits, I have a different size bottom than top piece, and it is flattering. I looked for a picture of it to show, but apparently it's last season's suit so it's not on the company website. It's a bikini, mainly black with different colour skulls (yes skulls) on it. It's not an all over design, but on one boob there are smaller skulls, then on the other boob there's a larger outline of a skull in stitching. On the bottom there are the same smaller skulls on the ass part. It doesn't sound really that adorable but it is, just you wait. I saw it and instantly knew I HAD to have it, and then when I tried it on it fit well and looked good, so I bought it. I ended up getting it at Bikini Village, in Ottawa... I guess in the end what I spent on PST I saved in gas, since the only Bikini Village in Calgary is at Southcentre, way far from my place. I'm very excited that I finally found something.

I'm happy to be here with Kristen and Jordan... Yesterday I came over and ate their food. Today I came over and napped on their couch and will probably eat their food again. I'm such a great guest. I did come bearing gifts of coffee, so I don't feel so bad.

Kristen revealed her big secret to me I think a day or two before the internet, (only because I sent her my feb sched) and I'm very proud of her! It's a huge thing to decide to run a race and start training etc. She asked me yesterday if I would consider doing it with her, to which I replied "ummm, errrrrr, yeah why not!" which in my head meant "well, I am kind of lazy, and I've been trying to get into shape, and it would give me an excuse to get a cute new running top, and would make me follow through on some kind of goal, and perhaps would force me to get off my lazy ass on the road and use the gyms instead of watching soaps and old Trading Spaces re-runs, so yeah why not!" So, I am hoping to run the race with her, in May, before Jordan runs his big ole marathon. I told her she had to kick my ass and make sure I didn't quit after a week. Today she asked "so did you run?" to which I replied "yep" to which SHE replied "for realsies?" in an I-think-you're-lying voice, to which I replied "yes, for realsies", which is the truth, I did run today, 1.5 miles... Aint no thang! So we'll hopefully keep each other motivated and run this thing together.

I guess now that I wrote it on the internet I kind of have to do it hey?

That's it... I'm home tomorrow, thankfully. I have worked hard, and it's been super cold everywhere I've been and it's nice in Calgary. Damn you all who got to spend the day outside in plus nine while I was in Winnipeg at a crisp minus 40.

I can't help but notice that Kirristen and Jordan's pen holder in their office is a pint glass from the Kilkenny that I, ahhhh, acquired. I've been looking for that glass.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Go Flames Go

Last night I unexpectedly got to go to the Flames game with Vanessa, and I was very happy about it. I have been wanting to go to a game for so long, and then Matt and his brother got tickets for this game, and Vanessa was going, and I was feeling kind of sorry for myself because I was going to have to wait till the game was over to hang out. Then, after a phone call telling me that her extra ticket was now MY ticket, my evening took a sudden turn, and Vanessa and I hopped on the train and headed down to the dome for some heroin beers and hockey. As we were walking to our seats, Iginla scored with an assist from Conroy, and after that the goals kept coming! It was an awesome game, with loads of fights and Iginla back in action with Conroy. I'm super glad I went. The beers, well, the Saddledome is famous for having heroin beers. They get you drunk. Quickly. So yeah, we had a few. After the game, we met up with the boys and had some drinks on 17th ave. All in all, a great night. It was even worth the heroin beer hangover that I currently have. Urg. My head. I'm having a hard time proof reading so I apologize if this doesn't make any sense. Well I don't really apologize... just think of it as an accurate portrayal of my mindset at the moment.

Tomorrow I leave for FIVE WHOLE DAYS... I'm not too thrilled about that aspect, but I AM thrilled that three of the four nights will be in Ottawa, so I can hang out with Kristen. I miss her these days. Maybe it was the whole post about me having a boyfriend that she might not meet and then it hit me that even though we see each other a lot she's not HERE, and in my normal life. Life on the road is kind of different... It involves the same outfit every day, hotel rooms, limited time and cutoffs for drinking. It sucks that she can't be here, hanging out at my apartment, having dinners cooked by my dad, chilling with the cat at my mum's house, going for Starbuck's and me in different clothes. (I do realize that we hang out at her apartment and go for Starbuck's in Ottawa, but it's kind of different. Plus I wear the same clothes everyday.)

Enough of the sad stuff. Bathing Suit update: Went to American Apparel to see what they had to offer. SUPER cute one pieces that are really unique and cute bikinis with mix and matchiness, but they're all made for girls with zero boobs. (Sorry Kris.) I will try Bikini Village and Winners. And I'll check out the bay too. We'll see how that goes.