Monday, October 30, 2006

Five Days

It seems like forever... Five whole days of work. I leave Tuesday and get back on Saturday. That seriously seems like forever. I hope I still remember where I live when I get back! Or what Linda looks like!

On a side note, the two day trip to Montreal? TOTALLY worth it. I had such a great time out there, as usual, and even though I'm stupid tired I'm glad I went!!! Never too many laughs!

Check y'alls on the flip side... I might have grey hair by the time I'm back!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Quick Update

So I gave in to peer pressure and am in Montreal. I took the 1am flight this morning and got here around 7, slept until now and then we're doing some quick shopping then heading up to the cottage for some Halloween fun tonight. I leave tomorrow night with Vanessa and then back to real life once again! I'm happy I came, but I feel like I might pay for this later. It just seems too good to be true. Either that, or I'll look back in five years and be like "wow remember when I would just up and go to Montreal, Vancouver and London for a day??" and we'll all laugh at my shenanigans.

Anyway, just thought I'd give the update. Hopefully many stories to follow!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Leaving, on a jet plane

Not that this is unusual for me, since I regularly leave the city and it's generally on a plane. I'm leaving tomorrow and stay in Montreal two nights and Winnipeg one night. Unfortunately, Vanessa is making a trip out there on Thursday, the day AFTER I'm there... and even though I'm there twice, Tuesday and Wednesday aren't generally huge nights out, even in the party city of Montreal. I'll see some friends and chill out, which is probably a good idea since I had a pretty rough weekend.

Today I spent all day at the mall looking for shoes, either runners that I would wear out when I'm away, or work shoes that I'd wear out when I'm away. I can't afford the space in my suitcase to bring both work-out shoes and regular wear shoes... After MUCH looking I found a pair of Pumas that will hopefully cut it for working out. I'm not a polished black shoes with jeans kind of girl, and I couldn't find ANY black work shoes that I would wear just casually. So hopefully these will work for me. If not, I'll be mad I spent money on another pair of shoes since I have about a bazillion.

That's all I got. Sorry.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Another Weekend Update

I went to Lethbridge with Vaness on Thursday to visit Tink Brady and Zach. It was my new car's first mini road trip, so it was a big day for jojac (my car's name... long ish story which I don't feel like typing). We went out to the Duke for the night after playing some drinking games (which ALWAYS end in me hanging over the toilet but this time it didn't) and stayed there for the evening. The next day I hung out in front of the TV for the morning as to still my lurching stomach. Caro and Steve came on Friday night, we all played an other drinking game (time number two that it didn't end in loosing my lunch) and then went to Ice (classy name I know) for some dancing fun. We had an extraordinarily long walk back home because we couldn't get cabs, and then I had the most uncomfortable sleep ever on the couch. Today we chilled for a bit, went to Macdo's and got 44.00$ worth of food for us and the boys and then drove home.

Thrown in there somewhere was me swearing profusely into my rear view mirror because I had just set my cruise control to 20 km over the speed limit and then saw RCMP behind me with their lights flashing, but thankfully weren't after me and then ended in Vaness and I DYING of laughter because we had JUST had a discussion about how fast I could go without getting a ticket (and being safe of course); me crying laughing at lunch with V and Zach for several unknown reasons; me crying laughing again at V because it looked like she was scratching her head with a fork; then more crying laughing at Tink's and my dance routine that started with 5, 6, 5 6 7 8 clap snap hand circles which resulted in V spitting out her drink because SHE laughed... And so much more laughing. And a little stomach unsettleness. But mostly laughing. This paragraph probably means nothing to anyone but me and Vanessa and whoever else was there, but I felt the need to document it anyway. So much laughing. It felt really good to have a lot of crying laughs.

Good weekend. And it's only Saturday.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Edmonton = Stupid

Explanation: I am from Calgary, therefor do NOT like the city of Edmonton. It's something that's in the blood of anyone born in Calgary. I won't cheer for Edmonton sports teams, I don't like visiting Edmonton (it's just not pretty), and I really just don't like anything associated with Edmonton. BUT, ask anyone from Edmonton and they'll say "Calgary... I fricken hate Calgary". So it goes both ways.

ANYWAY, I'm here in Edmonton. And it's 11:18 am. I have already woken up in a different city, worked two flights, gotten to the hotel, eaten breakfast, and set up my computer. 11:18 am. I have THE ENTIRE DAY to spend here. In the city I dislike. Most of me wants to sleep all day and pretend I'm not here, but I think I might have to do something productive. Maybe I'll get new work shoes (that I can wear when I'm not working but on the road because my old ones are too dressy to be actual real shoes) so I don't have to lug around so many pairs of shoes now that flipflops won't suffice in the cold weather.

But I'm not going to like it... let me tell you!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Back Home

I am back. Back to the big city, back to more than three hundred people in a town, back where half of the town does not have the same last name, back to where there aren't 20 kids everywhere I look, back to me being anonymous... back home.

ALTHOUGH, I really do think I could live in a small town like that, just not one that was so far from a big city. I like the security, I like the community, I like the support systems that exist in small towns like that. I just don't like the idea of driving five hours to get some decent stuff.

Anyway, I had a great time up there, and I am quite excited to go back up in February for Carnaval. My little kiddos are all growns up. The thing about being back up there was the inexplicable urge to eat all the time. There was so much delicious food, home cooking, and little bon bons (which is not bon bons but french candies) that were irresistible. As soon as I got back home, I was no longer hungry for sweets, but the second I got there I was just wanting to EAT. Anyway hopefully I'll be able to run it off this week.

That's my update of the trip. It was fun. Happy to be home though.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I'm tired

How can watching a 10 month old for one day exhaust me? Especially since she was asleep from 9-11:30 and then again from 1:15-3:00? Seriously. One child. For almost no time. AND I took a nap in there somewhere.

The kids are great. Eric apparently forgot that I used to deny him snacks before supper and loves me, Nicolas likes me too because I helped him get dressed for hockey yesterday. Nadia likes me cause she's a baby and babies generally don't care who it is as long as they give them peaches.

It's nice to be here. I'm just freaking tired.

I need coffee. And there's no Starbucks here. Anywhere.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Weekend Update

So thanksgiving has come and gone, and good thing I took two days off the cleanse for the drunken fest the other night and Thanksgiving. I ate SO much, I could barely move. It was kind of out of hand. But so good. Turkey on the barbecue is like nothing else. Same with pumpkin pie. So very delicious.

Anyway. I worked at Starbie's Saturday night and Sunday morning, and then got my veggie (green beans) and dessert (fruit and dip... very innovative I know) ready to bring to my dad's house for the dinner. Then the 29 other people showed up for the dinner, and the gong show began. Actually it was surprisingly not so gong showy ish considering there were 30 people in a house for a sit down dinner, so that's really good. I think we were all a little concerned about what would actually happen. It worked out, and the thing I am thankful for this thanksgiving is that I don't still live with my dad and therefor didn't have to clean up this morning.

After dinner I chilled for a while at the house and moaned because my stomach was so full, and then went to Shillelagh's for a drink (which was actually water) to say bye to the Lethbridge crew before they went back today. Stayed there till it closed and then came home and watched Project Runway and then went to bed. I'm not really sure why I'm telling you every single thing I did, but I for some reason feel the need so I will continue.

This morning I got woken up at 11:30 ish by my new ringtone, which got incorporated briefly into my dream and I think I may have been canoodling with Justin Timberlake, but then realized that it was actually my sister calling me to ask "are you awake yet???" to which my answer was "um, no? yes? what?"

Since then I've been sitting on my couch, looking at random shit on the internet, slowly getting up to pack for my trip up north tomorrow, and watching a CSI marathon and also a Survivor 1 marathon. Survivor used to be so ghetto compared to what it is now, but I'm realizing that Survivor is exhausted, and nothing special anymore, so I'm pretty much only watching the CSI marathon.

My little adventure up north starts tomorrow, where I fly to Grand Prairie and will be met by the family I used to nanny for and we'll then drive me to St. Isidore, where I will stay until Sunday. I think we'll basically chill, relax, and make me feel so old because the four year old boy I nannied is now almost 7 and the almost two year old is now 4 AND there's a new baby who's almost 1 who didn't exist when I was there. I feel old. Very very old. Anyway, I'll be chilling up there with Marc and Monique and the chitlin till Sunday, which is when their new nanny will be arriving. I'm excited for that because I haven't been back for a year and a half, and I love just hanging out with Mo. It will be great.

Tomorrow my sis and Jordan also leave, but them not so much up north but more eastward towards O-Town. (Yes, you do live in a tv made boy band). I hope they had a good visit and even though they didn't ACTUALLY toast to WestJet last night, I know they both owe this visit to me and should buy me gifts of appreciation. Well not actually. I'm happy to give them the chance to come home. For real. Anyway, I'm glad they had a good visit.

That's about it for my weekend update, though I'm no Tina Fey or whoever is doing it these days on SNL.

On a side note, why do people in apartment buildings listen to super loud music with loads of bass all the time? Normally it annoys the piss out of me but I don't say anything because it's not like it's super late at night or anything. But for some reason I'm very annoyed by it today and it's grating on my nerves, more and more every time there's a big low note playing. Should I ask them to shut the hell up? (though perhaps a little nicer) or slip them a note when I know they're not home, or just not do anything? Does living in an apartment mean I have to put up with that? And, how do I know that they aren't as annoyed with me and MY loudness... I don't think they KNOW they're being obscenely loud, so for all I know my tv and music are super loud as well and they're having the exact same ill feelings towards me as I have towards them? What a predicament.

Hope everyone had a good long weekend!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Entertaining after a night out = bad idea

I'm taking a break from chopping fruit and madly trying to clean my apartment while feeling like I will throw up in four seconds to type a post letting everyone know that this is a seriously horrible idea. Why do I decide it will be great to have people at my place for a little get together for my sister when I KNOW I'm going out hard the night before? Don't know.

On a lighter note, last night was AWESOME! We went to the Rusty Cage, as classy as the name implies, to celebrate Brady's birthday. It was quite the evening. I got there in time for the Power Hour, when beer and hi balls are only $1.75. Needless to say, no drinks were purchased after the Power Hour because we majorly stockpiled. At one point Vanessa, Tink and I had about 15 drinks in front of us. Needless to say we ALL had a great time.

Pictures to document the evening? Oh Yes. There are some really crazy ones, but these are the tamer, more postable ones.

I'm not sure at what point in the evening I got a boys buzz cut on my bangs, but I guess that's just an indication of how much alcohol it takes to make me stop caring about how my hair looks.

I just really liked Tinks hair in this picture. Great photographer, I know I know. (In the background? Birthday boy and someone who's name I forget.)

I will let you all know how this entertaining thing goes. I might not make it to 1:00, which is when people are coming over. I hope I do.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sexy Pictures

I pretty much love titling my posts "sexy pictures", only to frustrate people searching for porn and getting my useless blog post.

Anyway, last night I had the goal of taking some sexy pictures of me and my new car, but it didn't really happen. First, I had to get my car washed. Then, we decided to go out and spent far too long getting ready and by the time we went outside it was dark. Then we decided to try anyway, and the batteries in my camera died. So all in all, it was a total bust. But soon. I will have the pictures soon.

Today the sis came to town with the brother in law (who doesn't have a blog to which to link, loser) and it's great to have them back in town. I feel kind of selfish since I see them way more often than everyone else because of the whole flight attendant thing but still want to hang with them in Calgary. So far the selfishness has worked because Kristen and I have been hanging out just the two of us all day. That was slightly accidental because I ended up taking WAY longer than expected at the university picking up my degree. It took me AN HOUR to get a freaking paper with my name on it. Lame. Hopefully tonight we'll hang out with other people too so I don't feel so bad. (And by bad, I don't REALLY mean bad because I'm totally fine with hanging out just the two of us but I say bad just to look better to others).

Here's a little shout out/question for Steph, and the others who know "the story" and have benefitted from my misfortunes and laugh at me daily because of it... Guess who I ran into at the university? Just take a wild guess. The result was giggling and me saying to Kristen "funny story after we walk by this group of people". Will I ever stop providing people with constant amusement because of my ridiculousness? I think not.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New Look

I realize that this is almost the same template as the big sis k, but hey, I never stopped wanting to be exactly the same as her! Well honestly I just couldn't find one I liked any better, but believe me I tried. I'm ITCHING to be able to make my own template like so many other people, but I'm just not there mentally. I've tried, and almost deleted my entire blog, so I give up. I really wish I could. Seriously. For real. Any suggestions? (I know I've already asked, but I didn't really get any responses. So this time, help. For real.)

I also got a haircut. So I have a new look too.

I forgot to give a shout out to Steph, because today is her birthday!!!!!! I already devoted a WHOLE ENTIRE post to her the other day with lovely flattering pictures of her, and I sent her a Ben & Jerry's e-card today as well, so really, she can't be mad. I mean, if Ben & Jerry's can't make someone's birthday, I really don't know what can. It's the best ice cream ever. Especially Vanilla Heath Toffee Crunch, and Cherry Garcia. They're both delicious. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah Happy Birthday Steph!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

CIBC Run for the Cure and Cleansing

So Sunday was the CIBC Run for the Cure, and it was a great success for Walkers for Knockers West. Though it was rainy, it was still a good walk. We had 14 team members this year, but that was without the Ellis/Lemoine bunch, but WITH some Goddesses of Hope since they didn't have enough people for their own team this year. I was slightly disappointed that they didn't dress in their full on outfits, but they decided to take a break and be Walkers for Knockers. Thanks everyone for your hard work!

As for the cleansing part of the title, I have decided to do a body cleanse. Not a scrubbing type cleanse, but a detox cleanse. I'm kind of scared. I've heard that it's not exactly.... comfortable at the start. But I've been feeling really run down and not too energetic lately, and I think the whole flying all the time is affecting my body more than I know, so I looked into the cleanse thing and decided to give it a shot. I'm doing "First Cleanse" since it's, duh, my first time cleansing, and also it's not too strong and harsh, so people with sensitive bodies can do this pretty comfortably. I don't have to eat totally crazy things, just try to eat mostly fruit and veggies, whole grains, fish... basically what you should be eating anyways. Then there are two different herb things that I take, one type in the morning and the other at night. I can also split it up if I'm thinking I'll eat totally horribly for a day, say like on Sunday for thanksgiving. I will let you know how it goes. I'm scared. Of the cleansing part of the cleanse. You know what I mean. Gross. I don't make it a habit to talk about my *cough* digestive system *cough* on my blog, even though other, more famous blogs do, so I won't go into detail about it. But I'm scared.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Montreal Pics Finally

So thanks to Vaness, I got some more Montreal pictures. I have posted a few on Flickr, but below are some of my faves.

This was Vanessa's friend, the paramedic, who's blood pressure she took as I was behind the ambulance throwing up. Awesome.

Surprised I wasn't dead. I can see the fear in my eyes.

I can't say anything about this. Though this is Tyler who I visit in Montreal when I fly there now. And the one with the motorcycle.

These two pics are us getting a little crazy in a random souvenir store. We were hysterically laughing, taking all sorts of poses and then we got kicked out of the store because you apparently aren't allowed to take photographs of items that you aren't purchasing. I haven't laughed so hard in my entire life, except perhaps when I was looking at these pictures today.