Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Return of the Pumpkin Spice!!!!!

I'm quietly minding my own business this morning, standing in line at Starbucks, ready to get myself, Katie and her sister a tasty beverage to help start the morning when I see a peculiarly unfamiliar syrup amongst the others. Hmmmm, I thought to myself, I wonder if I'll need to learn a new drink. I then heard someone utter the word "pumpkin", and my heart started to race. Pumpkin Spice??? PUMPKIN SPICE????!!!! I approach the till with tentative steps, and ask "did I hear that you have pumpkin spice?" "Yes! We JUST got it!" Those were the most delicious words I have ever heard. So here I am, at home, enjoying my first of MANY pumpkin spice lattes. This is bliss. Now, when does the Cinnamon Dolce come back?!?

Monday, August 28, 2006


I'm home. I really have nothing to say. I worked. Went to Fort Lauderdale. It was busy. Very very busy. Stayed in Ottawa and then in the "T Dot". I really don't have anything more to say about that.

Tonight I think I'm chillin with Katie and Sarah, some of the BSD Bitches reunited, gonna have a little fun I think.

I'm watching the George Michael video "I'm never gonna dance again... guilty feet they have no rhythm"... it's a really good one. I can't remember the actual title of the song though, or if it's just George Michael or Wham!. Either way, it's hard to think that people thought he was straight. He was the gayest straight guy ever. Especially in all those short shorts. Funny stuff.

That's it that's all.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Grey's Overload

Now before anyone gets too excited, let me just say, there is no way I could get sick of Grey's Anatomy, and I love it more and more every time I watch it.

BUT, in the recent weeks, I have a) purchased season one of Grey's and watched it all in two days, b) watched Grey's every day at 11:00 am because the View is no longer on, and c) am planning on watching it tonight (as long as it isn't on at the same time as Big Brother). SO all in all, I've gotten a LOT of McDreamy in the past little while. Now this is both delicious and not so great. Delicious because he's McDreamy, and he's the sexiest guy there is, but not so great because every guy I see in real life gets compared to McDreamy, and doesn't come close to his McDreamyness. Also, yesterday's episode involved McSteamy, who is almost as amazing as McDreamy, and today there was Denny. Oh Denny... How I love Denny. And I can't help but look forward to the premier of season three, where I get to be reacquainted with McVet. I've gotten hot men of Grey's overload, and it's taking over my life!

The past few nights I've been dreaming that something terrible happens to me, I have to go to the hospital, and I end up having McDreamy as my doctor, share a room with Denny, and McSteamy gets in there somewhere... maybe I need stitches or something. Either way, I wake up feel pitifully depressed that I don't ACTUALLY live in the life of Grey's.

I'm not really sure what I should do about my predicament. I could cut myself off of Grey's and get back to reality and realize that real live guys aren't actually as hot as the McHotties and Denny, or I could pre-order season two, watch a Grey's marathon in time for season three to begin, and continue living my life trying to get into little accidents so that I have to go to the hospital and will run into one of the Grey's hotties. I'm leaning towards the latter, since it's just much more fun that way! A girl can dream can't she?? I just can't get over that smoldering stare that McDreamy gives Meredith in the elevators... Man he's SO HOT.

Now the next step is trying to find someone who is just as Dreamy as the original! Any suggestions?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I just got back from a four day pairing where I got to see my sister AND party in Montreal... how much better can things get??

Kristen and Jordan had prepared a delicious noodly steaky veggiey salad for me, as well as CUPCAKES that were lemony and with cream cheese icing. The best! Such a nice birthday surprise. We had a nice evening together, and luckily Jordan didn't turn the sleep number bed into a giant pit like last time.

The next day was boring... Edmonton... blech.

Next day, got into Montreal around 1 pm ish, I went to the mall and got some stuff at H & M, for the first time ever. Then had a really nice dinner, then the whole crew of Vaness's friends from last weekend and I went to this bar about 45 minutes from Montreal in the middle of the mountains on the side of the highway, where I think there were somewhere between 3000 and 5000 people there. Seriously. I'm not even kidding. How is this possible? How is Calgary so lame compared to Montreal? I just don't get it!!! Anyways we partied it up and I was a little bit tired this morning, but survived!!!

It was a great pairing, but now it's time for a nap!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mattresses and wireless

So I got my birthday present delivered today... and it's a brand spanking new mattress and box spring and frame. Oh it's sooooooooo nice. I can't WAIT to go to bed tonight. For real.

I also got a wireless router, which was an old one that my dad had, not that I'm complaining because I'm VERY happy to have it, used or new. I open a present, and it's a plug, and a router. And that's it. No box, no instructions, no nothing. It was pretty funny, but it made my life quite easy since all I did was plug the plug into the wall, connect to the internet, and BAM it starts working! Now all I have to figure out is how to change the name from Highland Hollow, because I don't want the people scamming my free internet to think I'm some crazy who names their house!

My birthday was pretty relaxing, nothing too special. Linda made me breakfast in bed, which was so nice since I was sad that no one was here to do it for me this year. Then I just kinda chilled out, then Yvette came over, we went and bought Grey's Anatomy season one (as well as some Chapelle's Show) and watched three episodes whilst eating gummy worms and willowcrisps (which are welfare crispy crunches). Then Sarah, Linda and I went to Papa's for sups and ate more than should be physically possible, and then to the Ship for some beers. It was very mellow, but I'm still recovering from my 5 day bender in Montreal. I'll say thanks to everyone who sent their birthday wishes, and thanks Kristen and Jordan for my George Foreman Grill!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to make bacon. Mmmmmm, bacon.

Anyways, today I'm going for sushi with the g-ma and cousins, though I really still am full from supper last night. I'll have to make room, because there's ALWAYS room for sushi, really.

That was my HUGE birthday celebration... the big ole 2-2. I don't really feel old, but maybe in a while I will. It just doesn't feel very different. I'm just sayin!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Real Montreal Update

So I'll try to tell you the tales of the trip. We went out on Thursday, to a place called Karina's on crescent. This is the place where all the hot spots are, and was within walking distance of our hotel (kind of). We hung out there, had some drinks, met up with Vanessa's friend Tyler and his friends. I guess I had a few more drinks than anticipated... the evening ended up with me a little ill. I was also quite ill the next morning. BUT, I persevered and went shopping on Saint Catherine's with the girls (though Vanessa and I met them a little later than expected.)

So the next night, we got all dolled up (again) and had a sushi dinner with the girls and Tyler and his friends again, then went to Newtown, a really cool club. We had this "VIP" room there, which was this long couch against the wall and there was this beaded curtain thing separating it from the rest of the club. AND, in Montreal, you can order a whole 40 of booze along with mixers, and then you just make your own drinks. It ends up being cheaper than ordering 40 drinks, so if you're in for a good night, it's the way to go. I had never heard of that before, so it was really cool. So the bottles of Skyy Vodka kept coming and we kept on drinking it! The night ended and we walked back to our hotel to find a guy drunk passed out on the floor outside our hotel room. We later recognized him from the room down the hall, so we coaxed him back to his room and had a HUGE laugh about it.

The next day we walked around old Montreal and saw a bunch of things, street performers, old things, and that big church where Celine Dion got married. I'd been in there before, but man it's pretty crazy how gorgeous it is! I really enjoyed the tour we had, and the guide's voice was so soothing I almost fell asleep a bunch of times. It was quite nice. We returned to our hotel room to find a note slid under the door addressed to the "sexy ladies who share our floor" inviting us to have a little get together in their room before our evening's festivities, all written in rhymes. It was SO funny.. I can't remember exactly what was said but in ended on "circle what your answer is" and there was a "yes" and a "no" and then a little note with an arrow that said "pick this one" pointing to the "yes". We decided to get a little more info so we wrote them a note back in rhymes, asking them who they were, where they were from, how old they were, yada yada. They were waiting for it, and through our peep whole we watched them all huddle around the note reading it. We felt little kids passing notes back and forth, but we thought it was really funny so we played along. Eventually after a few notes back and forth they called us to make sure we were coming, and we decided what the hell let's go and we'll leave if it got weird. There were 5 of us and we figured we'd be safe and make sure the door was open. So we got there, there was a bath tub FULL of booze, and we laughed and talked and saw the passed out guy who was in front of our room the night before... we heard the whole story surrounding that and it was pretty freaking funny. We went out to another club, then left and ate some poutine at 2 am and called it a night.

The next day I was supposed to leave but all the flights were full, so I decided to stay another night with Vanessa and then leave on Monday. SO Vanessa, Tyler, Seb and I went to Tyler's friends cabin and went boating. It was so fun. We went back to the West Island, rode on the motorcycle, watched tv, drank some tequila, and I didn't end up sleeping at all, so I had a GREAT flight from Montreal to Calgary at 8:50 (which meant I had to be there at 5:50) in yesterday's clothes, not having brushed my teeth or anything. It wasn't too pleasant. I slept for about 6 hours yesterday and then went to bed at 10 and woke up at 8:30, so I hope I'm all caught up. My camera died after about 2 pictures, so I'll have to get all the pics from friends and then I'll share them with y'all. Tomorrow is the big 2-2 birthday, so we'll see what's in store for that.

So that's the big update. It felt like I did a lot more than that... but all written down it seems like all I did was drink. Oh wait, I guess that kind of is all I did. Oh well... it was a blast.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Montreal, and no liquids

So I went to Montreal to party. It was very fun. I also flew on the first day of this whole liquid ban, AS A PASSENGER, so things were a little hairy. I will write about my Montreal trip later, when I'm slightly more rested (since I didn't go to bed last night AT ALL)... but as a little teaser, I rode a motorcycle!!! I real one! Something I told myself I'd never do... well I did it, and almost died of fright/excitement. I haven't decided if I want to do it again yet. But it was definitely cool. But back to the liquids thing. No one (except aircrew, thankfully, because I could not work without my hair product or makeup... seriously) is allowed to bring any liquid whatsoever onto the aircraft in their carry-on. That means a bottle of water, a cup of coffee, mascara, lipgloss, lotion, purfume, Advil liquidgel headache pills, etc. etc. BUT, parents traveling with infants and children are allowed to bring formula, breastmilk, and juice for their children. I don't know about you, but doesn't that totally not make sense? So, if I were wanting to bring liquid explosives onto an aircraft to blow it up, I could just bring a baby with me and they wouldn't question my liquids. Does that not make this whole liquid ban totally useless? Am I missing something? I'm just putting it out there.

More Montreal updates later. Promise.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

New Unis

I've been getting a little slack from SOME people for not posting enough, but understand I'm gone a lot! AND my internet is going through menopause so I never know when it'll be working or not.

Anyway, as I have mentioned, we have gotten new uniforms. The pants I love, obviously, since they don't double as a bra and actually sit lower down on the waist. The Jacket, not so great since it has major shoulder pads and I'm not really keen on looking like a linebacker. The shirts, I'm enjoying, since they are a little more exciting than plain white. They are a little too busy when worn on their own, but nice when under the vest.

So I'm asking you, if you've seen them, what do you think? I just had to fill out a survey about them giving feedback etc. and I wrote that I would like the option of having a skirt. Normally, I wouldn't be so excited about a skirt, but I think they look really nice and official... and when looking at "big red"'s (as they say in the industry when trying not to name names) new uniforms, their skirts look great. There was an article in the Herald about our new uniforms, saying they're "glitzy" or something like that, but I've heard from some they look stupid. Any thoughts? I won't be offended, since I'm normally the first to diss my own uniform.

I just thought I'd ask. A little convo starter. If you haven't seen them, well you can just pretend.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


I think my internet is working, but then it stops, then it starts, stops, starts... etc. I think you get the drift. The cable guy is coming, and I hope he fixes it.

I just got back from a three day and I leave again tomorrow for another three day. Then I'm back for a bit, then to Montreal!!!!! I can't even tell you how excited I am, and I heard rumours that we are going out classy style for my birthday one night so little black dresses are in order! I can not wait! Hopefully this pairing will fly by and then it's party time! I get to chill with Kristen again on Monday, so I'm VERY excited about that. This little visit we had on Thursday was very nice. I ended up doing a little bit of walking since I walked back and forth between their apartment and my hotel a total of three times... I kept forgetting things and all that... But it was quite nice. They appreciated the cupcakes that I brought them, and even let me have one! How generous. Ah crap I just remembered that I was supposed to get them something at the grocery store but I forgot when I was there an hour ago. Shoot. I'll have to go tomorrow before work. Anyways! That was a little train of thought side bar moment.

Tonight I think I'm going out with Jess for a bit... should be a good time. And then, to bed in my own bed for one sweet night, get up and pack for another day's work! Such a life.

Hope things are going well with everyone!!