Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lists are easier since you don't have to form complete sentences

Things as of late:
  • Matt and I are looking to buying a place to live. Scary.
  • We are looking into getting a puppy. A little scary.
  • I am going to work tomorrow and get to spend a whole day and a half in Ottawa.
  • Lobster was on sale and we got some, and for the first time ever I felt horribly guilty cooking it. It was awful (to kill it, not to eat it) and I'm not sure that I'll cook it myself again.
  • It's freaking HOT out. Holy hell.
  • Ellen Degeneres is judging on So You Think You Can Dance this week, and it's hilarious.
  • I completed my Sprint Triathlon a couple of weeks ago and it went really well! I swam my little heart out and I was super stoked about the whole thing. Fun!
  • Did I mention that it was really hot?
  • What else? I really have enjoyed the new season of True Blood so far. It's awesome.
  • I've been practicing a hairstyle for a wedding Matt and I are going to in Toronto. It's sort of a modern day finger wave. I think after three tries I may just have it. (Why did I choose a complicated hairdo? No real reason. Just because.)
How is everyone?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kristen it's your birthday, Happy birthday Kristen

It's my big sis Kristen's birthday today! I wish I was there to celebrate with her, but alas, I'm not. I will, however, be there a bunch in the next couple of weeks so we'll have lots of opportunities to celebrate then.

I love you! Have a super fantastic wonderful birthday. It's the last one with a 2 in front of it!

This is an incredibly flattering picture of us from last year after we ran our first half marathon. I'm pretty sure I wanted to kill whoever was holding the camera.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Ya Mon!

There's something about Jamaica that makes white people say "ya mon" all the time and it's just awful. Jamaicans can say it, but if you're white, it's really not necessary.

We had a great time in Jamaica. It wasn't unbearably hot, but it was hot and humid. It wasn't TOO sunny but sunny enough. We had delicious rum creams and ate some alright food. We laid out on the beach, went swimming and drank at a swim up bar, watched crabs running around the beach, and had a few impromptu photo shoots. Here are a few photos to demonstrate.

Rum Creams!

We walked into the room and this was on our bed one night!

A little airport nap!