Monday, March 19, 2007

iPods and ponytails

I've been a blogging slacker recently.

I very much enjoyed the three nights that I got to spend with my sis and Jordan last week. We just hung out and had a good time, saw 300, ate some good food, and just had fun. I miss that.

I went to Puerto Vallarta for an hour. I was really nice out, and I was super jealous that I wasn't staying there. I won't talk more about that. I'm a bitter, bitter person.

Yesterday was my mum's birthday. We gave her an iPod shuffle... Today I have to go give her a tutorial on how to use it. I hope she finds it easier than checking her voicemail on her cell phone, because I've had to give her instructions at least four times on how to get her messages.

I start my annual training soon for my job... I can't believe that I've worked there a year already. Insanity.

This is kind of lame... Sorry my big comeback post is so terrible.

I missed the big St. Paddy's day parties this weekend. I have a Guinness with Kristen, but when everyone else I know was partying hard, one beer isn't really sufficient. I talked to Matt a few times that night, and each time was significantly more hilarious. The highlight for him was being able to fit his hair in a ponytail and looking like an irish fighter. I know you're all wondering how I ended up with such a sexy guy who has hair that can fit in a ponytail, and I wonder the same thing every day, don't you worry.

I will come up with something better soon.


Kirst said...

Hope to see you tomorrow. Call me tonight and let me know.

K said...

i hope he took pictures of said pony-tail.
i too enjoyed your "visit". we really do enjoy the time we spend together ;-)

Steve Jolliffe said...

I had to give my mom instructions at least four times on how to get her phone messages as well! I'm pretty sure she still doesn't know what to do. As a result, whenever I call her cell and get the voicemail I hang up because I know she won't be able to get the message.

As far as the one beer's better than none. I had none.

So let's see a post regarding passengers dying in flight and what you'd do.

Evey said...

Hows your mom liking her IPOD shuffle? I love mine.