Monday, June 04, 2007

Judging by your reaction when I got my first tattoo, Mum, you probably shouldn't read this.

I'm slightly obsessed about getting another tattoo.

I was casually talking about how I'd like to add on to the lady bug on my back with a flight attendant the other day, and I was telling her how I'd like it to come up my back a bit and over my right side, and how I'd like it to be some kind of plant/vegetation/organic thing but I have no idea what I actually want, and she was all "we just got profit share, go get one!". Since then, I've been obsessing. I want it. NOW. I just don't know WHAT.

I've been looking on Flickr at people's photos, and I'm thinking I should find some things that I like, bring them in to a tattoo artist, and see what we come up with. My problem is that I know what I don't want, just not really what I want. I wish I could draw well, that way I could just doodle for a while and eventually what is in my subconscious would come out on paper. But that really isn't going to happen. So I just don't know. I want something artistic, that looks really cool, and that I will love forever.

A little background on the ladybug: I went to Montreal in grade 11, and my friend and I thought we'd be super cool if we came back with tattoos. So we got tattoos. I like ladybugs. Lower back isn't visible to chaperones and parents, so why not a ladybug on my lower back. I still like it, and I know it's not some major work of art or anything, but it's the memory of getting it and how rebellious I felt, and how rumours flew around the school while we were still in Montreal that we got penises and skulls on our boobs, and when we came back everyone asked us to see our tattoos and were so disappointed when they weren't penises and skulls on our boobs. (I, on the other hand, am not disappointed that I don't have a penis and a skull on my boob.) I don't want it covered, I just want to take the memory, and turn it into a really cool (and big ish) tattoo that I can look at and say "I have a super cool tattoo". (I've said super cool at least twice this post.)

Anyway, I'm going to continue my search for something that's along the lines of something that I want. So far I've really narrowed it down, can't you tell?


lu said...

i have been thinking the SAME thing. i have a couple ideas but am hoping my tattoo guy in calgary can help me sort them out this summer. he's amazing, his name is james tex and he just opened his own studio somewhere in town. i can't recall the name right now but if you google his name you can find it.

Kirst said...

I suck at ideas so I'm not sure I would be any help. But you can come for dinner tonight if you are here in Cowtown.

Evey said...

I have wanted a tattoo for years but have never had the guts and i have never been able to make a solid decision on what i wanted.

Heather said...

Evey just be impulsive... That's not really the greatest idea when it comes to tattoos, but it seems to have worked for me! Now that I'm trying NOT to be impulsive, I can't decide what I want.