Sunday, March 16, 2008

An answer!

Well, on the plus side, I finally know what's "wrong" with me. I have celiac disease. I guess my body doesn't like gluten, and when I eat it, it affects my ability to absorb nutrients and damages my intestines. Fun!

On the bad side, no more wheat, barley, rye, and maybe oats. I can deal with some of it without much sacrifice. I'm not a huge bread person, and pasta, whatever. Plus there are loads of gluten free breads and pastas. Worst part? No more red licorice, cupcakes, or beer. Seriously. No more beer. That is heart wrenching.

So now, I gorge on gluten until I have an appointment with a gastrointestinal specialist, who will do a biopsy on my intestine. I'm pretty sure biopsy means going up my ass with some kind of instrument. I can not wait.


kristen said...

i checked it out...not up the ass, down the throat. apparently they often give you the option of whether or not to be sedated...i know someone that wasn't and she said it was awful. you may want to opt for the sedation.

Kirst said...

You'll have to let me know, once you've seen the specialist, what foods I can make for Tuesday night dinner. I'm sorry about the red licorice and cupcakes. Although you could probably make cupcakes from other floury stuff. I'll try to remember the name of that restaurant I was telling you about.

kris said...

Apparently it's pretty easy for restaurants to accommodate people with cd. There used to be a restaurant on Elbow & 75th (Britannia plaza) but a lady from church who has cd went there and said it was too expensive considering she can eat at other restaurants without many problems.

If you like DQ cakes you'll have to have to replace the fudge layer with a fruit filling layer (assuming all cd is the same). It isn't nearly as good.

Evey said...

NO BEER???? That IS tragic. I feel very sad for you. I am so so so sorry.

I could never watch hockey without a good beer.