Sunday, April 06, 2008

It's Sunday

Even though I'm working, I still got to have a lazy Sunday. I was in Fort Lauderdale last night, and we flew to Toronto this morning and that's it. So another flight attendant and I went for brunch across the street, I hung out at the hotel, had a nap, went for a long run, ate some DELICIOUS roasted eggplant in tomato sauce, and now I'm hanging out again until tomorrow morning. It's nice to have an easy day once in a while!

The got some new cardio equipment at the hotel, and each piece has it's own TV. I was DREADING my 7 mile run on a treadmill, since it's boring enough to run 30 minutes inside, let alone over an hour, so I was very relieved to see that I'd have a distraction to get me through. I watched Star Wards Episode II (actually I'm still watching it... it's longer than I remember) and managed to get through the run. I was sweatin' my balls off though, as I like to say. I don't know how I'll deal with running in June in Vermont. I'm used to the cold now!

The pilots on my crew this pairing are strange. I'm not sure if it's us or them, but they will choose to stand away from us, sit a few seats away on the bus, not talk when we give them drinks, not acknowledge that any of us have spoken when we ask them a question, and make their own plans without really asking us. I've never had a more awkward crew in my life. I got pulled aside at customs today because they wanted to take a look at my food, and if one of the FAs hadn't waited for me, no one would have known! The pilots just walked on through customs, the airport and all the way outside without even turning around to see if the rest of us were coming. Strange. They must not like the cut of our jibs.

I started looking for a new apartment last week. I know it's early, but I really wanted to know what kind of things were out there and how much etc. I found a couple of incredible places that are for May 1, but we're not looking for anything until July (or June if need be). Some places are SO nice, while others aren't so much. There was a nice one downtown that was affordable until we found out parking is $200 a month. Yikes. If anyone knows a nice apartment in Kensington, Mission, off 17th ave etc. let me know! (Yes, I know, expensive areas. But you can find some things, I promise!)

That's about it all I have to say for now... I thought I'd take advantage of the free wireless in the hotel. It's rare that a fancy hotel has free internet. Normally the less fancies have free stuff and the fancies have expensive internet. Seems backwards no? I guess if you have the money to pay for a fancy hotel you have money to pay for internet? Either way, I get to use it today and I'm happy.


Lulu said...

apartment hunting???? not fun at all!

Kirst said...

Happy apartment hunting.