Saturday, November 14, 2009

Matt's Beard + Bathroom Sink = Doesn't Worky

For the last week or so, our bathroom sink has been clogged.  It took about 10 minutes for anything to fully drain and it was majorly annoying.  Normally, I would use something like Drain-o to fix any clog, but since I'm trying to be a little less chemically (and there's nothing worse than Drain-o out there... if you're in the vicinity of it,  it gets hard to breathe) and I left it at the old apartment, I decided to try something else. 

Thanks to this little post over at a super awesome website that my sister showed me, my drain is totally clear of Matt's beard. 

I poured in some baking soda, then some white vinegar, and then five minutes later I dumped in a pot of boiling water.  Ta da!!!!

The sink is fully functional, my lungs and throat are free of corrosion, and our little sewer system is happy with this natural non poisonous drain cleaner!

If you are looking for some home made natural cleaners, that post is incredible.  Most of the recipes on the site include things I already have, and the castile soap they mention using (Dr. Bronner's) is awesome.  A bottle costs around 14$ and it will last you a year.  You can clean pretty much anything with it.  We use it as hand soap in the bathroom (diluted with tonnes of water) and it's not drying or scented.  A great purchase.

So there you have it:  Our drain is beard and chemical free!


k said...

does it work on beard trimmings AROUND the sink? i'd like something that will magically get those to disappear.

Jordan said...

I've got something that will get rid of the trimming around the sink. It's called a wife. Ba-zing!

Just kidding. I'll clean up better next time.