Sunday, February 06, 2011

Deep Breaths

I know that complaining about the weather really isn't an efficient use of time and energy, and that a lot of places around the world are getting it worse than we are.  BUT, I have to say, this hot cold hot cold hot cold thing is getting PRETTY old.  I know it could be cold all the time, and that would be awful, but the hot melts all the snow and makes it slushy and gross, then the cold comes and freezes said slush and it's impossible to walk anywhere.  Please decide, and lets keep the temperature variation to about 10 degrees, shall we?

End of rant.

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k said...

I would also settle for them being right about the amount of snow that is going to fall. Last night we were supposed to get 1 cm- I think we got more than 10. My long run involved a lot of hurdling myself over snowbanks.