Saturday, March 03, 2012

Something light

I've been getting into pinterest lately... It took my a while to "get it", but now I'm all over it. Especially hair tutorials.  If you know me in real life, you know I'm always doing my hair.  I'm not sure where I got my skills, but I seem to be pretty good at doing hair. I just kind of "get it".  I'm often doing friends' hair and my sis is always game if we're going out somewhere fancy. I can all sorts  of styles, though I really do it best on myself.

ANYWAY, I have recently become obsessed with re-creating this hairstyle.

I just absolutely love it.  I was skeptical that it would even work, since I have very fine, thin hair.  I can look a little bald when my hair is parted everywhere.  The first two time I tried, it failed epically.  I know how to do the twists, I know how to do the "gibson tuck", but for some reason the two together just weren't happening for me.  I was getting SO frustrated since this is what I'm good at! I can DO hair!!!  Today I tried again, and was a little more successful.  I'm still not there, but I'm closer.  (sorry about the crappy pics...)

What do you think?


kristen said...

What I think is that it isn't fair that I can barely make a pony tail and you can do that.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Love it! Looks great! How long did it take you to do? Woulf it work with layers?

Heather said...

I have layers so I think it would work... I don't know how long it took my but I'll time it next time. I doubt it took more than 10 minutes, but I had to keep re-pinning the back throughout the day so I would like to fix that.

Rebecca said...

what Kristen said!

I'm horrible with styling my hair, not to mention my hair is boring as hell.

Looks good though! Zoey is going to have some awesome 'dos when her hair grows