Saturday, March 30, 2013


Although I think it's supposed to snow tomorrow, we have really enjoyed our last few days of amazing weather. 

We are also thoroughly enjoying the long weekend. Now that Zoey can walk, she LOVES walking outside. If we carry her, she wriggles out of our arms saying "walk". She also says "hello" and "buh bye" to each person who passes. I am reminded each day why I love living downtown in such a great walking community. One evening after supper we walked around the corner to a playground and played for a while before bed. Delightful. 

Yesterday we walked to a park a few blocks away and Zoey spent quite a while exploring the playground. She is such a daredevil, just scrambling up the play structures and sliding down the slides all on her own. We then ran a million errands and took her to my mum's community garden and she showed her all around. My mum has been working on this garden for a couple of years and it looks amazing. It has sophisticated (to me) underground "plumbing" that collects water and then it seeps somewhere else and waters the gardens. I don't really get it but it's super fancy. Anyway she's there all the time and has wanted to bring Zoey there for a while to show her around. Zoey doesn't really get the concept of a hill yet so it was pretty funny to watch her all of a sudden start running down a hill or fall backwards when she came to an uphill. She'll get it eventually.

Today we walked to the diner for breakfast and then walked to a different park and she played some more. I need to film her walking on the tiny rocks some parks have because it is hilarious. (A few playgrounds near us have the solid rubber ground, which is really nice, but some of them have the old school rocks). The rest of today has been cleaning and napping. 

Tomorrow we will have a mini easter egg hunt and an easter dinner. I didn't want to give Zoey chocolate but I still wanted to do something fun, so I hit the dollar store and got a bunch of pom poms, foam shapes, plastic bracelets and little pinwheels to put in hollow easter eggs. We will hide a few and then give her the rest. I'm sure she will have no clue whats going on but oh well.

What do you do for easter? My dad has a sweet tooth, so the easter bunny was always very generous and we had lots and lots of candy to hunt for. One fateful easter, I stole one of my sister's "big ticket" easter chocolates and my punishment was that I couldn't eat candy for two weeks and had to give my whole collection to her. It was horrible. Although she was mad, I am pretty sure she snuck me some anyway since she doesn't love candy as much as I do. 

Have a great weekend!  I'll leave you with a few photos of Zoey walking down the hall of our condo building. If anyone has a welcome mat outside their door, she HAS to walk over it. 


vindiebaby said...

Love his hat :)
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Runner Leana said...

Glad you've been enjoying spring so far!