Thursday, October 24, 2013

A little late, but here nonetheless

The title applies to both this blog post, and the arrival of our second daughter, Piper!

She was born on August 28 (8 days late) after a fast (!!!) and not too furious labour. I feel a little guilty saying that my labour was only an hour and a half, and she was born in just one minute of serious pushing. I'm so thankful I got to have both of my babies at home, this one with a nice, calm water birth. One of my midwives said I looked like I was at the spa, which I can promise was definitely not the way I felt, but it's nice to know that even in my most vulnerable situation, I can appear somewhat in control! This birth was so different from the first, in that I knew what to expect, and just went with the flow. Everyone was so calm and things just kind of happened. I feel very very lucky.

Since then, we have been adjusting to two kids, one of whom just turned two! I can't believe Zoey is already two! We had a fun birthday party, which I will save for another post (hopefully not too far down the road!). It's very hard to find time to sit at the computer, which is why I've been so absent.

Now, I'll shower you with cute babies!


Bex said...

Glad you had a quick and drama free labour. She's so cute!

Leigh said...

I think you should have another baby as you make it sound so easy! (obviously it's not) Piper is adorable and glad to hear everyone is doing well :)

Runner Leana said...

You have such a beautiful family! Congratulations again on Piper's arrival!