Monday, August 22, 2005

My birthday celebrations come to an end...

And I am sad. Though I guess I dragged it on from Monday to Sunday, so I really got my money's worth! Last night we had a family dinner, and we ate LOBSTER!!! (well, everyone except Kevin and Nolan. I really wish Nolan would get over his seafood phobia... I don't know how someone could not love lobster!) Anyways it was a nice ending to my birthday.

Now on to more exciting things. THE WEDDING!!! I won't say the big news first because that just wouldn't be fair, but the wedding plans are really coming along! Kristen and Jordan are in pretty good shape now! The hard part now is finding bridesmaid dresses. Kristen, Dee Dee and I went on Saturday to look for "inexpensive" dresses at the mall. Well that was a complete bust! I have never felt so disgusting in a dress in my entire life! Cheap dresses are cheap for a reason. They are horrible material and nast-o styles! So it's looking like we'll need to spend more on our dresses, which pretty much sucks. Does anyone know a cheap dressmaker that doesn't suck??

Kristen's being super nice and letting me get the kind of dress I want. And she might even let me get green shoes! (I'm obsessed with green...) Isn't she the best sister EVER??

So feel free to give some suggestions on finding black dresses that don't make us look like ass and that don't cost a lot!

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failproof said...

It's nice to see someone new commenting to my blog now and then. Thanks!

I finally replied to the Harry Potter comments if you want to go take a look.

Oh, and Happy Birthday! I agree with you. 21 was no big deal to me. And since I don't drink, there was really not much new.