Saturday, April 14, 2007

Weekend Update

It's less of an update of the weekend, and more an update that's occurring on the weekend. But I'm still calling it a weekend update.

This week I had all my annual training, which went quite well. I only got one question wrong on my exam, and my evacuation drills went flawlessly and I had no missed criteria or teaching points. The instructors commented that I was surprisingly loud and shouldn't have a problem getting my voice projected above all the mayhem. (Are we surprised, really?) Oh and that I portrayed confidence in my eyes (aka am bossy) which would lead to compliance. (Again, surprised?) So when I'm screaming for you to cross your arms, jump, and slide, you'll do it damn it. NOW!

Last night I had a little shin dig at my place, which was mainly me and Vanessa, eating, drinking, and painting our nails. To be fair, other people came soon, like Katie, we drank some more, then Matt, his brother, James and their friend came, we drank some more, then we went to Molly Malones in Kensington. Yvette met us there, THEN we went to Amsterdam Rhino, drank some more, and partied our little hearts out. Well I partied my little heart out the whole time really. My friend Andrew came and met us at Amsterdam Rhino which was cool, I hadn't seen him in a while, and all in all it was a good night. This morning, however, was NOT a good time. I haven't felt this terrible since, oh, Montreal in the summer... I honestly thought I would die of head explosion and nausea. I finally crawled out of bed at 3:30. Yes. 3:30 pm. I feel like death.

Tomorrow, I am SO excited, I am going to the Banff Springs Hotel for brunch. I am fasting for the rest of today so I can eat enough tomorrow to last until Monday. This brunch, if you haven't been, is phenomenal. Food as far as the eye can see, and anything imaginable. I am known to eat, ummm, a few cherries jubilee, that is made at a station all fresh and delicious. Anyway, lots of food, good food, and I get to eat it all day tomorrow.

My plans for the day involve sitting on the couch. So I better get back to that. All this typing is making my head hurt.


K said...

siiigh...I'm very jealous about the brunch. seriously...wish i was coming. though you will be missing the flames game. you'll have to listen to it on the radio during the drive. i think it starts at 11am your time...and the reception for the fan 960 is actually quite good. pretty much to Canmore I think.

Evey said...

Brunch at the Banff Springs, fantastic! I am so jealous. I love Banff.

Kirst said...

I wish I had brunch in Banff. I too am jealous.