Thursday, May 10, 2007

Weekend? In Toronto? Yes, it's true.

I know it's almost next weekend, but I'm posting about my last weekend. Matt and I went to Toronto to spend the weekend with his family and friends. Technically he lives just outside Toronto, in a little town that's pretty quaint, yet so close to the city. It's quite convenient.

We flew in pretty late, and I should add that that was the closest I've ever come to not making a flight before... We were literally the last two people on the plane, and not because we were late, but because they didn't think there was room for us. I basically kept harassing the CSA and finally he told us there was room for us. Yay!

We went out to a bar that night, had some fun, drank a beer, and then went home. The next day we slept a lot, then went out to see one of Matt's brother at the golf course that he works at, kind of far away but nice. Then that night we went out in downtown Toronto to this super cool giant pub called Madison, and as a side note I saw Matte Babel from Muchmusic and we're best friends now. Then the next day we went downtown during the day and walked around and saw a bunch of things... We went back to his house, I gave his brother a mohawk, and we went to bed. The next day Matt was working at his job from last summer, so his mum and I went to this warehouse perfume sale. I kind of bought a few perfumes, but they were super cheap so I couldn't resist. After, I went for a run and then cooled off by swimming in their pool. Seriously, my boyfriend ('s parents) has a pool!!!!!! I was like a little kid, so excited that someone I knew had a swimming pool. No one but me and Matt's little brother would go in so early in the season, so the two of us had somersault competitions while everyone else thought we were crazy for swimming in the cold pool. Then on Tuesday morning I left for home, and that's about it.

I had a really great time, and I definitely like Toronto, but I won't compare it to Calgary even though everyone there asked me "so it's better than Calgary hey??". They're just way too different. I'm super excited for the long weekend because we're going back to Toronto, and then near the end of the week we're going to Ottawa to visit with Kristen and Jordan and for the big race!! Eeeps it's coming up pretty soon!


Kirst said...

I wish I could go to Ottawa for the big race. Although I tried running the other day, I don't know how preggos do it. It wasn't that comfortable. We've missed you around these parts. Call me the next time you have a day off. You can come for dinner anytime. YOu just might have to come for our nightly after supper walk.

liz said...

Are you saying that you came to Toronto and didn't visit me? I suppose I shouldn't be too offended, seeing as how we have never met. plus I don't have a pool :)

And it makes me very happy to know that you enjoyed Toronto in all of its fabulousness!