Wednesday, May 16, 2007

H and M? (blogger isn't letting me put the "and" sign... not sure why)

A store with my initials HAS to be fabulous right? Right. It's awesome. In Montreal, in Toronto, and probably a lot of other great cities. Do you know where is licks testicles? Calgary. Yep. Sucks.

I went in today after hearing from two different sources that it was bad. I kept a positive attitude, decided I would find out for myself if it was good or bad. I had a pair of fabulous jeans that I got in the one in Toronto that I wanted to exchange for a different size, and I thought instead of waiting until I go back to Toronto, I would do it here, since YAY we have an H&M here. Well, it was bad. Very very bad. It is sort of like Le Chateau. So not great. And they didn't even have the jeans I had.

I walked around, looking for all the cool print t's and the graphic hoodies, searching for all the things with skulls all over them and super trendy clothes that can't be found anywhere else. There were none. NONE.

I found a cute tank top and decided to buy it. When I was at the till I decided to ask the worker why it sucked so very badly. He informed me that they only carry a few of the lines that H&M has. So the super cool line with all the super cool clothes? Not at this H&M. BUT, there are supposed to be two more H&Ms opening within the year here in Calgary, so they will have more of the lines. But for now, extreme disappointment. I told him that it was a tragedy, and he looked at me and said "sweetie, you're telling me. I'm stuck wearing a bad american eagle button up knockoff to work!" and I giggled, and felt slightly better since he hated it too.

So now I'll have to resort to eastern H&Ms with more tax until Calgary decides we can be cool too.


Kirst said...

What a let down.
Glad you could come to dinner last night.

Lulu said...

You're telling me.... I think I was the most excited and voila, it sucked hard core.... soooo dissapointed... thank god I'm off to montreal this weekend, or else I might just die.... kidding... I'll get over it, as long as we get bigger and better H&M stores in the VERY near future....

Evey said...

that is pretty sucky u were so dissapointed. It always seems odd to me that a store that is the same as another store doesnt carry the same merchandise....whatever!