Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Weekend Update with bonus pictures

The weekend in Ontario was great. The wedding was great, the relaxing was great, and the whole thing was just great. (Do you think I need a thesaurus?)

On Friday, Matt, his brother Kurt, Kurt's girlfriend Bethany and I went to a snowboard show in Toronto. It was one of those conventiony type things where you pay to get in and then there are fabulous sales on all sorts of things. So Matt really wanted to get boots, and then when I saw all the cool new boot features, I had to get some too. In my defense, my current snowboard boots are the first ones I ever owned, which I got probably 7 years ago, and they completely suck and give my legs bruises, so it wasn't like I bought new boots even though I had perfectly good ones. I found some great half price boots with cool wire laces so you don't actually have to lace them up, you just pull the laces and they lock into place. That made me quite happy. Unfortunately the place was super busy and I wasn't quite in the mood for enormous crowds, so I was really ready to leave about two hours before we left.

The wedding was fun. I didn't know very many people there, but it was fun none the less. The bride looked great and it looked like they both had a great time.

Matt had to work on Monday and Tuesday so I lazed around the house and just chilled out. I went and visited him at work and brought him snacks, learned how to replace the nozzles in sprinkler heads and enjoyed just hanging out with him outside. I relaxed, just like I had hoped.

Probably the most dramatic event of the weekend was that Matt shaved his head. It was CRAZY!!! I've never known him without long-ish hair, so it was a huge change. Allow me to elaborate through photographs.

First, when we met:

Secondly, the day before the shaved head:

And lastly, post haircut.
Also, the third photo shows his incredible dancing skills. You really can't go wrong with hip pointing!


Kirst said...

i like the shaved look.

K said...

i don't know if it is hip pointing but rather "check out what i have in MY pants..."

Huda Hakawi said...

That is NOT shaved! Shaved is just that - noting but skin!!!!

I will agree, however, that he has definitely removed ALMOST all his hair.