Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Amazing. Simply amazing.

I'll update real things in a minute, but first, I amazed myself today. This morning started out VERY early, and around 6:20 this morning, I was watching Breakfast Television and making tea and oatmeal, when suddenly the microwave stopped working, the kettle stopped boiling, and the TV stopped working. (The tv is in the other room.) So I walked around, wondering if my power had gone out. But some lights were still on. The storage room light, the living room light, and then the tv, microwave and other outlet in the kitchen were out. So OF COURSE, I think "well someone has cut some of my power out so that they can come in and kill me." Since not ALL the power was out, but more than one fuse was, obviously there is a serial killer/rapist outside. I took my flashlight into the storage room to look for the fuse box, on the slim chance that I was not in mortal peril but that a couple of fuses went out, but I couldn't find it. I know I stare at that fuse box (is that even what it's called?) often, but I couldn't place where it was. So I ate my semi warm oatmeal (which was disgusting, by the way), and waited in case the power just miraculously came back on. Then I looked in the storage room again for the box. Then I sat for a while longer, and finally got the nerve to open my back door and check in the hall for the box. (I thought maybe they were out there, but in case the predator was out there I brought my flashlight with me to hit him with.) Well it wasn't out there, so then on a whim I looked int he cupboard above my stove. Well lo and behold there it was. I knew that when I got my cereal in the mornings, a little piece of that fuse box peeked out at me as I put my box back in. So I flipped the one switch was that half way on to "off" and then "on", and voila! my tv turned back on and the microwave started blinking. So my question is how this one fuse controls all those things in all those different places! But I was quite impressed with myself. Tomorrow maybe I'll re-wire a broken lamp.

So lately, I've done lots! I've been to Orlando twice, one time to shop, one time to ride roller coasters, both times with work. Oh yes. I ride roller coasters at work. And buy shoes. It was also Matt's birthday. And we celebrated. A lot. We went to the Drum and Monkey on Saturday night, his actual birthday, and then Sunday, despite the laws of common sense, we headed up to the mountains to snowboard. We had a great time! Here are a few photos of the festivities.
I think that about covers it. Maybe I should mention I'm close to finished my Christmas shopping. HA!

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Dr. Dan said...

Almost done your Christmas Shopping? Is there something wrong? It isn't even December yet....well JUST!

I'm going to start after the move on the 14th.