Thursday, November 08, 2007

It's Christmas!

(at Starbucks). So all yall who love those red cups, today's the day. Go "pass the cheer" (which I wrote on all the chalk boards as "pass on the cheer" and was too lazy to erase the "on" so it's wrong all over our store.)


kristen said...

I have an equally red-cup obsessed work colleague. Once we found out when red cup day was, we made an "appointment" to get one together. Unfortunately, I had forgotten about my dentist appointment this morning so we had to reschedule "operation red cup" to tomorrow.
It took both of us a LOT of will power not to get one this morning.

I am passing some cheer to you. 'cheer' 'cheer'

Kirst said...

I have enjoyed my first red cup eggnog latte. So yummy. I got an eggnog latte yesterday but I think the red cup makes it taste so much better. When can we see you next?

Devo said...

I've been enjoying red cup eggnog lattes since Sunday. I guess it's just one more thing that's better about living on the left coast.canad