Monday, May 26, 2008


So I'm in Ottawa... This is the third year in a row that I've been here for race weekend! This is by far the best weather. Not too hot (like the first year) and not rainy like last year. Quite comfortable. Matt and I came out on Friday after a whirlwind of a morning. We were rushing around like CRAZY to make an earlier flight so that we didn't have to get in and take transit to K & J's place at midnight, and on the way to the airport I got pulled over by the police! Matt was on the phone with the standby line booking our flights, and I was thinking "OK I have no idea what I've done here, I'm not speeding because duh there's a cop right there (and I have already gotten 2 photo radar tickets on that particular road so I've sort of learned my lesson, yes it took TWO times to learn) so I pull over, roll down my window, and the officer came RIGHT to my car... normally it takes them a while to come over I think.

Police: "License, registration and insurance", looks at it for one second, "so this is your car, yes?"

Me: I'm thinking "Holy hell does he think I stole it??" so I answer politely "yes, sir, it is" (I don't think I've ever said "sir" in my life)

Police: "So why haven't you gotten it registered?"

Me: "I have it registered"

Police: "No you don't. Would you read the date out on your registration?"

Me: "Sure, February 28, two thousand and oh right ok I see now"

Police: "So that was expired in February. Do you live at this address?"

Me: "No, that's my mum's address, but since I move around I keep that address so I don't lose track of my mail. My mum I guess didn't give me the renewal."

Police: "Correction, you didn't go and get it from your mother."

Me: "Right, I didn't go and get it. You see, when I got this new car, I paid extra to register it for longer instead of paying the transfer fee."

Police: "Right, that was in 2006."

Me: "Yes, I see that now. I obviously lost track of the time."

Anyway, he hummed and hawed and finally said something about working for the company I work for, because even though I know it's completely dorky, I have a license place border thingy that I won in training on my car, and it says the company name. He writes down a name of an other flight attendant and tells me that the next time I see her I should buy her a coffee and let me off!!!! So everyone who makes fun of my for that license plate thing can eat their words, because I knew it would come in handy!

Meanwhile we were on our way to the airport and my car is unregistered. So Kristen helpfully gave me the numbers for the registries that I called on the bus form the crew parking lot to the airport and I figured out how to get it registered through Matt so that he can use my car for the trip he had planned to Banff next weekend with his friend from Ontario. Big kaffuffle that is *hopefully* solved through some quick photocopies and fancy letters.

The race went well for Jordan, though at one point I was going through my first aid training trying to figure out what I know that would help him. As we were walking home, Jordan kept putting on more coats while the rest of us were wearing tank tops. He pushed it to the limit I think but he made his goal and ended up relatively unscathed. Kristen and I cheered so loudly when we saw him, madly screaming his name and snapping pictures! Hopefully next weekend will go as well for Kristen and I (without the cold shakes after perhaps). I'm really excited to run the half marathon. Matt and I are considering doing one in September in Toronto which would be great for me since I completely stopped running after the race last year.

Matt left for Calgary yesterday and I'm here all week! I'm trying to figure out what I will do with myself. So far it's 1:00 and I'm still in my pyjamas, so things are looking productive so far. I did give myself a mani-pedi, so that's one thing to check off the list. My mum wants me to go to the museum of natural history (I think that's what it's called anyway, though it doesn't sound right...), but I'm open to suggestions!


kristen said...

The museum of Civilization...civiliZATION....
though i think there is a museum of natural history as well. you could hit it up...i think there are dinosaurs there.

And as for the Toronto...I will at the very least be there as a spectator.

lu said...

oh yes, the museum of civilisation is fantastic! i love the totem poles. but i am also sort of geek and went to ottawa during reading week in my last year of uni when everyone else was going to mexico. but i still recommend it!

Kirst said...

I wish I were there too! Have fun this weekend. Give hugs to my bro and sis-in-law.