Sunday, June 15, 2008

And then there was water...

My last two weeks were BUSY!

The half marathon was EXHAUSTING. Kristen gave a good depiction of it, you can read it here. I did well, but the mental and physical exhaustion that I went through made it hard to feel great about it. I cried at the end. But yay for us! And I'm so happy it's over!

I came home, worked right away for five days, then had one day off, where my apartment decided to flood again, and then worked again for five days. Fun stuff. Water came out from the sink and the washing machine. I freaked out, said "why me?" repeatedly, cried, almost slipped and fell a bunch of times while I was emptying out the storage room, called my landlord and father in tears, got rescued by the latter (who took me to his place, made me lunch, and did my laundry while I showered! He even hung up my work uniforms! That's what dads are for!) and eventually the problem got fixed. When my place flooded last year, I got a crazy voice mail from Linda who was dealing with it while I was in New Brunswick. I now completely understand the frantic tone that was in her voice on my phone, and don't blame her at all for saying "COME HOME NOW HELP!!!!!!" because that's all I could do when water was pouring non-stop from two places in my apartment. I'm pretty sure I sobbed "make it stop, please make it stop" several times while I was trying to find every single absorbent article in my place. I did quite well though, managed to save the dirty water from going into Linda's room (like last time) and the corner where a lot of Matt's boxes are stacked. I had this tiny mop with a sponge on it, and I stood in ankle deep water and sponged it into a big bucket. After the initial freak out, I snapped into action and sort of made things happen.


Now, time to pack, because I found an apartment! Yay! I'm so happy. It's in Mission and has two little balconies and a great view of the city. It even has a second smaller bedroom I can use as an office. I can't wait to move!

I'm finally off for a few days, so I'll have time to organize my life. I can't wait.

Happy Father's Day to all the poppas out there! I hope you get spoiled.


Kirst said...

Yeah for a new apartment. Boo to flooding again. I'm so proud of both you and Kristen on your half marathon. Hopefully next time we'll be able to run one together.

Hope we get to see you soon.

Lulu said...

oh god, that made me laugh... outloud in public at an internet cafe... I'm sorry that you had to deal with yet another flood at Kensington Palace.... but good job on saving everything!!!