Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How to pack for a month but not actually pack a thing:

1. Have 5 boxes. A large 2 bedroom apartment can fit in 5 boxes, right? Wrong.

2. Throw a bunch of stuff out. If I could, I would throw it all out and start a new. I hate packing THAT MUCH.

3. Decide that you will use EVERY SINGLE THING in your apartment before moving day, so you can't possibly put them away in boxes.

4. Buy MORE STUFF. That way you'll have more things to pack.

5. Have your stuff everywhere. It makes things chaotic and then you won't want to pack because everything is disorganized.

6. Get more boxes, but make sure they are really small so that only 2 or 3 books will fit in each one.

7. Once you finally get appropriately sized boxes, have them all around you while you watch a superstar hair challenge marathon on TV instead of packing.

8. Find lots of other things to do instead of packing THREE DAYS BEFORE MOVING DAY. Suggestions? Make smoothies for your friend who just had her tonsils out, help set up for the stampede, go drinking with friends, go meet your mother and grandmother at the mall for lunch, go to IKEA, and write blog postings...

9. Make lots of appointments for the week before your move. You can't POSSIBLY pack the day of an appointment. You might lose track of time and MISS IT!

10. Practice putting in your new hair extensions 10 times a day. It's important that you get good at this so you have super nice hair in your new place.

As you can tell, I'm avoiding packing like the plague. I'm in trouble.


K said...

i think that's also a list of ways to make sure no one wants to help you move ever again because instead of helping you move, they end up helping you pack...and then move.

hop to it! agree to buy yourself something nice once everything is packed.

Heather said...

Oh don't you worry I will NOT make anyone pack for me. It will be done by Friday. If it's the LAST THING I DO!!!!

Well if it's the last thing I do, that would be a bit depressing. But you know what I mean.

Kirst said...

Any pictures of the new hair pieces?
I too hate packing. Buying something nice would be a good incentive for me.

lu said...

oh, i am so with you on packing. i hate it. hate, hate, hate it.

but i sort of love throwing things away, not sure what that is all about, but it is liberating.

best of luck. i am sending you warm packing thoughts as i unpack some boxes that were packed haphazardly myself.

K said...

i hope the move went well and that you found parking. i'm guessing it will take a few days to get the internet set up...so you might be mia for a bit...

Lulu said...

ahhhh, you have moved.... so sad... but at least you have cool new hair!