Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Still no hair pictures...

I haven't taken any that really do it justice. I'll get some good hair pics on here soon. Don't worry. (Because you're all DYING to see it, I know. All you can think about what my hair looks like and when you're going to see a picture.)

Matt and I are settling in our new place. I'm still trying to find places for everything and trying to organize things, but it's coming along well.

I tried to put a picture as my masthead but I guess none of the ones I tried were the right size. I'm not really sure what size I need, but none of mine were it. I'm bummed.

Last night was SO hot that we had all the windows open in the apartment. It was so hot that Matt got me ice packs to put on my body to make me stop complaining. It got really windy in the middle of the night, and when we woke up it looked like a tornado had hit the place. There were papers and napkins ALL over the living room and kitchen. Funny stuff.

I'm going to attempt to shave Matt's head tonight... We'll see how that goes. Maybe I can post one of HIS hair pics.

Update: * Matt wouldn't wear the cape thing that came with his clippers, so I decided to wear it instead. This is me pouting on the couch because he wouldn't wear the cape. And my extensions aren't in... Sorry.*


K said...


I had to crop the picture in iphoto and it was still bigger than I hoped. But, I think i'll try to work a little harder with the next picture so that I can get it the size I want.
I'll keep you posted.

love the cape.

Anonymous said...

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