Monday, August 04, 2008


I got new shoes! How fun!

My knees and shins have really been bothering me lately. So much that I have not been running at all because of the pain. It's not great. So I decided I should stop wearing flip flops around and heels at work. I got some new shoes with better support, and I'm going to see if maybe I need orthotics. I went to Gravity Pope to find something great, and they had a buy two sale items get one free sale. How often does that happen? Free shoes? Anyway enough talk, I'll show you the shoes!

First, some simple shoes. I dig em.

Second, some pumas. They're mostly like this but where the picture has grey, mine are black.

Thirdly, some birkenstocks. They're this style but a silver/white/grey colour.

I feel like a rock star kind of. I mean, how often do you get THREE pairs of shoes in ONE day. Bliss.

And all in all it was under 200$. Fabulous. My mum was going to get me some birks for my birthday, so I was trying to get something different, but since there were so many sales, there weren't a lot of shoes left in my size. In the end I didn't have much choice in the last pair. Either way, they were free, so I couldn't really go wrong.



K said...

we are quasi shoe twins...not only in the birkenstocks, but i have a pair of simples as well. though in the toepaz, not the style you got. that's a little weird...

Kirst said...

I'm jealous. I want new shoes. It would be even better if I could get 3 pairs.
How are the shins and knees feelin'?

simpleshoes said...

Hey Heather,
Thank you so much for purchasing our shoes. We hope you enjoy them!!

Your friends at Simple Shoes