Thursday, October 16, 2008

I guess no one has any thoughts about organic milk...

I bought some new running shoes... My old ones are worn out.

Kristen had a nice long visit here. It was great. Sad to see her go though.

I bought a candle for our coffee table in hopes that it will get the musty smell away.

It's supposed to be nice here tomorrow!

I did a lot of laundry yesterday.

I have my first field hockey game on Sunday. I hope I have fun.

Tonight I'm hanging out with my friend Sarah and I made these antipasto lettuce wraps to have for supper. I hope they are good.

The sliding door in our apartment is getting foggy now that the heat is on. I wonder if it's not sealed properly.

I bought a new toaster so that my bread won't be contaminated. A gluten free only toaster.

Tomorrow I'm going to China Town to get some cheap salad roll ingredients. I know they're cheap as it is but they're even cheaper in China Town. I'm stoked.

Those are a few random musings for now.


kris said...

I actually was going to comment on the organic milk, but it wasn't exactly an informed comment so I kept it to myself. However, what I was going to say is that I heard on some news program that because of the regulations on milk production in Canada there's no difference between organic and inorganic milk. I didn't look into it b/c it doesn't affect me. If you're sure there's a difference I'll believe you.

K said...

i hope your lettuce wraps are good.
plus, send me what you use for salad rolls. i'd like to try making them.

Devo said...

I'm no expert on organic milk but I do know that milk cannot be used from cows that have recently had any antibiotics. Also, no beef, pork, or chicken can be sold if it contains any trace of antibiotics. I'm not saying it can't have had antibiotics ever, because most meat has. The thing with milk is that organic or not it's all pasteurized and that kills microbes but can also cause protein denaturing and can result in milk that's just not as good tasting.

Heather said...

I decided to switch back, only because I can't really be spending over $5 on milk... And I don't really see anything different. It's good to know that our standards are high and that there's nothing gross in our milk, or at least nothing TOO gross. Thanks for the info!