Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's cold again

I was warm in Calgary the whole time I was away, and now that I'm home, it's cold. Annoying!

Work has been very stressful lately. Lots of things have happened that I never thought I'd have to deal with, but luckily we all made it through to the other side and it's all ok. I'm happy to say nothing made me re-think my job, which is great, but it did make me a little more aware of everything around me. This has been a crazy season for flying for everyone!

Our visit with Kristen and Jordan was great and I was very sad to see them go. It's hard that they don't live here.

I have recently discovered a grocery delivery service, which I couldn't be more excited about. Someone at work had it, and told me about it, and I'm totally hooked. It's not just a grocery store with delivery. It's a website that deals with organic, local produce and grocery products who deliver instead of run a grocery store. Their idea is that they'd like to cut down the cost of getting groceries. Instead of having a store, employees, utilities, and us having to drive there and spend time there, they have a warehouse and a few drivers, they buy as locally as possible and then branch out when local isn't available, and we at home can order on the website and then have it delivered every week, two weeks, month or just once in a while. It's really not much more expensive (if at all) and you can get everything you need. I can ever get gluten free bread. I am so in love with it and I can't even express how great it is. We haven't been to a grocery store since we started getting it. We've decided that we'll still visit cosco for big items and staples, and then just get this for everything else. It's incredible. Unfortunately, it's only in Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary in Canada, and a few places in the states, but Kristen is investigating to see if there's something like it in Ottawa. Hopefully there is!

I guess I should get off my duff and get started for the day!!

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