Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Completely stolen: Nine in '09

My big sis, K, wrote this post, and I thought it was a great idea, so I'm going to be inspired by HER and do the same. (I don't think I've ever referred to Kristen as my big sis, but it somehow seemed appropriate). I might even steal some of her goals... Who knows. I always wanted to be like her as a kid, so why not now?

Sporty goals:

1. Run another half marathon, preferably under 2 hours.

That one makes sense and doesn't need too much explanation. I've signed up for the Calgary Police Half Marathon in April so we'll see how the training goes.

2. Get into Triathlons.

My friend Katie called me and convinced me to do a Super Sprint Triathlon, which will be a nice easy way to see if I like the sport of the multi sport. I think the distances are 300 meter swim, 12k bike, and 3k run, so it's definitely do-able. Considering I don't really swim or bike EVER, I think this is a good way to go. That's in May. I'll be busy this spring.

Living goals:

3. Save more money.

I do save money through work and investing, but I could be a little better at not just buying things when I would like them, and instead save for a little while. I think it will make me like those things more when I actually get them.

4. Be tidier.

I'm not the tidiest person around. That being said, I get very stressed out when things are a mess around me. I really will work on putting things away immediately instead of letting them pile up for a while and then when I get really frustrated, put them all away.

5. Floss more.

This sounds really weird/gross, but I find it really difficult to floss every day. I'm really really going to work on that this year.

Happiness goals:

6. Go on a vacation.

I don't really care where, though I would love it if it were somewhere tropical or hot. It doesn't have to be a big vacation, but I'd like something. I get cheap flights, so why don't I go somewhere already?!?

7. Watch less TV.

This seems pretty self explanatory as well.

8. Love my hobbies.

I just started knitting, and I'm having a blast. I'd like to continue doing that. I also would like to read more interesting books, go for more walks around the neighbourhood, maybe go for a hike or two... I think I need to enjoy what life has to offer a little more.

9. Give more.

If give more time, more attention, more presents for no reason, more energy, I think I'll be happier in the end. And so will the people who get the presents for no reason.

I think those are some pretty good goals. And I think I can attain them. I know open ended goals are harder to achieve, so I've been told that making a game plan for each one helps with the end result part. I won't bore everyone with my game plans, but I'll write them down somewhere and check back with them every once in a while.

Thanks Kristen!


k said...

Although it may interfere with your goal of tidiness, try keeping the floss on the coffee table for a month or so. (maybe when you're on the road you could put it in your purse or in your pocket.) You'll see it more and be reminded to floss. Once you get into the habit, it won't matter so much where you keep it.

Heather said...

Thats a good idea!

lu said...

i love flossing (i know, something you don't hear everyday) and i just keep floss with me all the time (in my purse, at my desk, at home in a few locations) and that seems to help.

i am also with you on the tidyness. as you can tell from the obsession with flossing, i am pretty organised, but i am not tidy and it seems to be such a paradox.

lu said...

oh, another thing about the floss - find one you like. the kind the dentist always gives me tastes minty and gross, but i like the stuff without flavour and that is almost sticky, if that makes sense.

seriously, i wasn't kidding about the love for flossing.

k said...

i like the oral b satin floss. i think it might be plastic? it doesn't fray or get caught between my teeth because it is nice and smooth. no waxy residue either. it really is good floss. (and i think it comes in mint and non-mint)

(and who knew we would get so excited about a goal of flossing?)

Heather said...

I'm with you on the organized but not tidy thing. I LOVE organizing things and having everything just so, but then I turn around and there are clothes all over the place. Then I'll organize my clothes and then there will be piles of papers everywhere. It's strange.

Kirst said...

I too would like to be more tidy but with 3 kids sometimes it is hard. I get it done and seconds later it's untidy. Oh so frustrating.

kris said...

Wow, I thought I was going to be the first to comment on flossing!

Ever since my dentist said that the bacteria (or something) need to be removed every 24h so that they don't start to cause a cavity I've gone from flossing maybe once a week to flossing about 5 times a week.

I used to just keep it on my bathroom sink so that I saw it every time I brushed my teeth - the coffee table seems okay too, I guess :p

Finally, my dentist gave me Eez-Thru and at first I didn't like it because it kept breaking, but it's the slickest floss I've ever used. I would highly recommend trying it. Seriously, I have to use extra because it's so slippery I have to wrap it around my fingers like crazy.

Huda Hakawi said...

Wow, what a neat idea. I love it.

I'm with you on the flossing. Somehow I managed to get less regular with my flossing and I am trying to get back into the habit. I can't imagine Kevin liking the floss on the coffee table, but I may try to keep some in the kitchen.

I wonder if we just don't have a neatness gene. I like organization, but I really have a hard time with the sterile feeling of "neat." I want the relaxed feeling that comes with "stuff" being available. I know that I sometimes take this to extremes, but I will see if I can find a balance. I know someone who would love me to have a goal about being neat.

I am going to ponder some goals in '09. Look for them in the near future!