Monday, February 09, 2009


I finished my hat yesterday. It turned out great, except it's HUGE. I have no idea how it ended up being so incredibly gigantic, since it's a pattern that Kaitlin has used many times, but oh well. I had a little photo shoot to illustrate how enormous it is.

At first glance, this doesn't look that big.

Then, in this picture, it's starting to look a little bigger, maybe a bit too big.

Then there's this one, where it's so huge that my glasses are the only things keeping it from falling over my eyes. Awesome. It's even too big to be a tea cozy. Maybe a bag? I don't know. Oh well.

My next project is a neck warmer/scarf/baggy thing. I hope it will turn out a little better than the hat. It's a new skill that I'm trying, since obviously I'm using more than two needles. The point is to make it round in the knitting part, instead of making a long thing and sewing the ends together to make a round shape. This is the same way you'd make mittens, so I might have to try that too!

I'll try another hat soon, and just make it significantly smaller. I'm still working on the other scarf, but I just got sick of looking at all that white.

Eventually I'll post something about something besides knitting.


Devo said...

Maybe you can sell the hat to a Rastafarian.

Kirst said...

What if you washed it and dried it? I don't have the first clue about washing knitted stuff.

k said...

or you could give it to kirsten...i hear she has a giant noggin ;-)