Friday, February 06, 2009

Knitty knit knit

I thought I'd share my progress on my knitting projects. Keep in mind these are my first!

The picture above is a hat, though it's not finished, obviously since it's still on the needle. I need to finish the top and then sew the sides together. I think it will be too big for me but it's cool and it didn't take long at all since I used really thick yarn and thick needles. There are quite a few holes where I dropped a stitch here and there, and I didn't know how to pick them up so I was kind of stuck. I think I can fix them after I'm done it though.

This is my next project, a scarf, which is taking a bit longer since the needles are a lot thinner. The picture doesn't do it justice (you can click on it to make it bigger if you're that curious), but I'm actually making a ribbed style scarf, which is a lot like the cuff of a knit sweater, and it takes two different types of stitches (called knits and purls). Look at me, the knitting pro! Haha just kidding, it's actually really easy. Anyway I'll let you know how it goes! So far I'm getting the hang of remembering to switch the stitch every second one. It took a lot of concentration at first, but now it's a little easier.

Once I finish the hat (which I need my friend to help me with) I'm going to do another scarf, this time using two difference colours of yarn at the same time. I think I'll make it a loose chunky type one. Then maybe I'll try a mitten or something. I've come a long way! The last time I tried knitting, I got scolded from my granny because I dropped a few of my mum's stitches. She told me to start my own to I didn't ruin my mum's hard work. It was pretty funny.


lu said...

you're lines are really straight for a first attempt, that is awesome! i love knitting too, but have not graduated past mittens. maybe that will be on next year's goal list!

have you been to that little yarn shop off 17th sort of near blockbuster? it makes me drool over the wool, but i can never imagine spending that much to make my scarves and mittens. maybe once i graduate to bigger and better items, i will make the investment.

Heather said...

Thanks! I've heard about that one, and that it's expensive, but that it's worth a visit. My friend really likes the one in bridgeland, though I haven't been yet. I've been to Gina Brown's off McLeod trail, and it didn't seem expensive, though I don't really have anything to compare it to.