Sunday, May 24, 2009

Race Reports

This was a busy weekend for a lot of people!

Over in Ottawa, Kristen ran an awesome 10k! Woooweee good job and great time! Jordan ran an awesome marathon with a great personal best and boston qualifying time. Were there 50 pushups? I'm not sure. Jordan's parents walked a great half marathon too! I don't know what the time was but any weekend where four people run races with personal bests and no trips to any medic tents is great! Good for all of them!

I was busy with being on call at work, and having to stay up and be ready to hurry into work until 1am. LAME! I was on call for 5 days and assuming I don't get called out in the next 3 hours, I didn't hear a peep for the crew schedulers. I got paid (a little) for sitting around working on my project for my Stampede committee! Today before my on call time I went out for a little brick workout with Katie, and we biked the route for next week's race and then ran the route as well. Things learned:
1. I am in trouble when I get my road bike tomorrow. I couldn't seem to get going when I tried on Katie's. It's very wobbly!
2. This is a boring bike route. Four 3k loops with lots of turns. Yawn.
3. I'm a chicken. I can physically go fast on the bike, but I'm way too scared.
4. Running after biking isn't really that easy.
5. We are vain, because most of our conversation revolved around how terrible we're going to look after the swim and how we wish we could have permanent make-up.
Regardless, we had fun and it was such a nice day out that it made it extra enjoyable.

Matt and I went to the bottle depot and got 23$! Sweet.

I need to find a cute dress for a fancy wedding at the beginning of July. I was thinking something short ish, structured (not flowy) and maybe strapless? It's going to be stinking hot in Toronto I'm assuming so less is more here. So far I haven't found anything but I've barely looked. Any suggestions?

I don't think I'm going to post pics of my new uniform because my mum always gets mad at me when I talk about work too much, and she wouldn't approve of me showing everyone on the internet who I work for. Maybe if I blur it out or something... I'll work on it.

Next weekend is going to be busy for us Calgarians, with Kirsten running the calgary half marathon and me doing my little triathlon. I hope the weather is good!


k said...

you could try RW and co for a dress...

you will be great with your sprint tri. just remember not to wear any eyeliner or mascara and you should be good to go :)

lu said...

the gap has a bunch of dresses on sale right now, maybe one might work.

and i have coupons for 40% off a regular priced item at banana republic that must be used on a tuesday in june, if you are interested and want one! (i used one to purchase a new dress myself!)

kris said...

$23 at the bottle depot?! you must have backed up a dump truck to that place - I used to have trouble getting enough to get a bill instead of change.

Haven't women in your line of work been fired for posting pictures on the internet of themselves in their work uniforms? That might not be a good idea.

Kirst said...

Kris the amounts have gone up. No longer 5 cents for a can a big ol 10 cents.

Heather said...

People have been reprimanded for posting pictures in uniform, also saying the name of the company and along with that having pictures doing illegal or not so great things... So Pictures of me double fisting drinks or passed out, and then pics in uniform, not really awesome.

Also Kris, I owe you a big ole thank you because thanks to the fire extinguisher I got from you, my apartment is still standing!!! We had a small fire last night but we put it out with your trusty extinguisher. Now I need to get a new one!

And Lu, I might definitely grab that coupon from you!!! I've never gotten and Banana Republic dress before!

Heather said...

PS Women in my line of work seems like I'm a prostitute... Anyone else get that vibe? (I'm not, by the way).

k said...

Heather, I definitely get the "in your line of work" vibe....

lu said...

let me think on it and see how i can get these to you. when do you need them by?

lu said...

and maybe best to fb me in case i forget to come back here and check!

k said...

i hope you got a hold of each'll be at the same place tonight :)

lu said...

i just got an email saying that gap is having a sale on their dresses for a few days. 25% if i remember correctly.

geez, i wonder if i have a little shopping habit!