Saturday, July 04, 2009

Ya Mon!

There's something about Jamaica that makes white people say "ya mon" all the time and it's just awful. Jamaicans can say it, but if you're white, it's really not necessary.

We had a great time in Jamaica. It wasn't unbearably hot, but it was hot and humid. It wasn't TOO sunny but sunny enough. We had delicious rum creams and ate some alright food. We laid out on the beach, went swimming and drank at a swim up bar, watched crabs running around the beach, and had a few impromptu photo shoots. Here are a few photos to demonstrate.

Rum Creams!

We walked into the room and this was on our bed one night!

A little airport nap!


k said...

Thanks to you, I now have the "Jamaica, we have a bobseld team" song in my head. It has been there since yesterday.

I'm glad it wasn't too hot or too sunny.

Kirst said...

Me likes that dress you are wearing in the photos.