Friday, January 15, 2010


Today, I hopped on my trainer on my porch with an audio book and a bike workout and started pedaling.  I didn't really want to, because I pretty much can't stand biking, but I forced myself into it.  If anyone has ridden on a trainer, you know it's a little awkward and LOUD.  I like seeing the people walking on the street below me looking around them, wondering where the loud engine like sound is coming from.  Today someone actually saw me and figured it out, which is rare.  (If you don't know what a trainer is, it's a little doohicky that you attach your regular bike into which transforms it into a stationary bike.)  I pedaled very slowly at first to let my bike warm up a bit, and then started into the workout I had written down.  It had a few single leg drills, a few high cadence drills, a hill climbing drill, and some consistent pedaling.  I suffered through about an hour and fifteen minutes and then stopped, even though I was supposed to do a little closer to 2 hours.  I just didn't have it in me, since I had to go for a run as well. 

Before I got on my bike, I set up my water belt and shoes so that I could quickly get ready for my run and re-create the race scenario as much as I could.  Triathlons are challenging because you're going from sport to sport to sport without any rest.  After getting off the bike, it's pretty hard to walk, let alone run, hence the term "brick" was coined to represent the bike to run workout, because your legs feel like bricks!  Today was no different... I could barely get OFF the bike, and it wasn't even moving!  I think my biggest fear is falling right off when trying to dismount.  Anyway I set out on my run and was instantly uncomfortable for a couple of reasons.  One, I was wearing a pretty thin long sleeve shirt, and because I was all sweaty from the bike, I got cold immediately.  Two, I was wearing a sports bra that isn't too supportive, which works just fine for the bike, but for a run, not so much.  Coupled with the thin, loose shirt, I was not happy.  I actually decided to cut my run short by 10 minutes because I was THAT uncomfortable.  Lesson learned, don't wear that sports bra again when planning a run. 

I got home, ate, showered, and then officially signed up for the 70.3!  I have been avoiding the actual registration, in case I want to change my mind and not do it, but today something just clicked and I thought "ok, I'm doing it, and that's that."  So I did. 

In other news, I realized that I won't be able to race the Calgary Police Half after all.  I'm going to be in Toronto for a wedding shower and a "jack and jill" party thing (it's an Ontario thing apparently) so I'll have to try to sell my registration.  Kind of a bummer, but maybe for the better.


k said...

That trainer is pretty loud...but the good news is, the "rental" is free :)

lu said...

my sister and brother-in-law had a jack and jill shower and it was a blast! pretty much just a good party without all the cheesy games and things you are 'supposed' to do at a shower!

Runner Leana said...

Congratulations on signing up for the 70.3 race!! That is fantastic! I'm hoping to volunteer at the finish line again this year.

Sorry to hear you can't run the Police though. I'm all signed up for it. No doubt you'll be able to sell it. Those bibs are generally high in demand for the people that waited to register but couldn't get in.