Thursday, March 04, 2010


I was tagged by Leana as a "gorgeous blogger" and in turn, I have to share six random things about me, and then tag other bloggers to do it too.  I figured, hey, why not play!

  • I don't leave the house without make-up, unless I'm going to the gym.  I just can't do it. 
  • I don't really consider myself a "real athlete", even though I've raced quite a bit and am training for a big event.
  • I feel like I should be more stressed out about my upcoming wedding, but I'm really not.  I guess I still have lots of time to get stressed out!
  • I really love coffee.  
  • I love cooking, and I'm getting better and better every day.  
  • The thought of being a parent intrigues me.  I flip flop all the time between being sure and unsure I want to be one.
And I'll tag Kirsten, K, lu, and Evey

I'll leave you with a terrible quality photo of me in front of the Olympic cauldron!  

1 comment:

Kirst said...

I can tell you haven't been over in awhile. Spend a night with my kids and you'll want to wait a looong time to become a parent. I keed, I keed.(I have no idea how to spell it the way I want to say it.)
I Love my kids.