Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Time to grovel

Most of you read my sister's blog, so you know that she is running the Vermont Covered Bridges Half Marathon for team Alzheimer's.  Well, I am too!

She is all over the fundraising thing, and I'm, well, not as much.  I figure now is the time to ask for your help.  I'm no good at asking people for money, especially when I have a hard time donating to things myself.  I'm saving for a wedding and have little to spare.  I know most of you don't have money to throw around, but every little bit counts. There are lots of ways to donate even a little!

1$ per mile = $13.10
1$ per kilometer = $21.30
5$ per mile = $65.50
5$ per kilometer = $106.50

Or any other lump sum.  You have $5 to spare?  Awesome.  10?  Great!  I really do appreciate anything you can give.

Not only is this going to a great cause, but you would also be supporting an "active lifestyle" for our family.  While Kristen and I are pretty active, some people in our family aren't.  This race has given them a reason to exercise, and it will be the start of their new, active life.  Kristen really was the brains behind this operation, but I'm just happy to be part of it. 

Again, I know it's not easy to spare some cashola, but I appreciate anything you can do!  You can e-mail me at moulton(dot)heather(at)gmail(dot)com.

If you'd like to visit the team Alzheimer's website to see where the money goes, here's the link.   There should be some bios on that website in the next couple of days.  Kristen also wrote a nice post about it, and you can read that here.

Thank you for your help!

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