Friday, April 09, 2010

Second Attempt = Better and dryer

As I said in my last post, I was going to get a pro bike fit done after I picked up my aerobars and go out for a second try at riding.  I couldn't believe how much I didn't want to go.  As I was loading my bike into the car, I just wanted to run back upstairs to my condo and never looking at it again!  I bit the bullet (as Matt so lovingly said "It's not called a half-let's-go-for-a-leisurely-stroll, it's called a half IRONMAN Heather, suck it up!") and packed it in, drove down to Ridley's Cycle (where they have a cheapest bike fits) and got the fit done.  I was worried they'd tell me that I needed a new bike, and that nothing was workable with what I had, but luckily there were only a few suggestions.  I think ideally I need a new stem (I barely know what that is), but it's not imperative, so I held off (since I just bought aerobars and a bike fit!) and got one of those water bottles with the big giant straw so that I can drink without having to grab my bottle from under me. 

After the fit, I drove down the street a little and parked by the little overpass over memorial drive and set off to cycle on the PATH around the bow river.  I'm amazed at how physically, I could do a lot more than I could last year.  I could ride in tougher gears, I could ride up little hills in those tough gears, and I didn't get tired in my legs nearly as much.  That being said, every time I got a little speed I would brake to slow down!  I'm such a chicken.  I rode past the shouldice (I think) soccer field, so I decided that on my way back, I would try to get into aero position in that field.  What scares me about it is that I have no access to my brakes in that position, so if I have to stop suddenly, I need to get out of aero, brake, AND unclip my feet.  Lots of things to remember when panicking.  I managed to get in and out of it a few times in the field but once I was back on the path, I was too chicken again!  Oh well.  I'll get used to it, I hope.  When I got back to my car, I actually almost fell again!  Luckily I was on an overpass when I decided to stop (so I wouldn't have to go down the overpass and make a sharp turn) and so I used the railing to keep me up.  I think I need to unclip my left foot first all the time, because I tend to lean that way.  I'll have to keep reminding myself to do that.  

Anyway, I feel a little better about the whole thing, though I'm going to have to log some major hours on the bike to feel more comfortable.  I'm going to try to to cycle a little bit outside every day that I'm home.  I was VERY thankful I got my ride in early in the day because the weather turned from nice to blizzard in about 20 minutes!  I was supposed to lead the run group out of the store last night because my boss was at his rehearsal dinner, but they canceled the run and I was off the hook!  Phewf.

It really is funny that my water poured on me when I fell.  It wasn't that funny at the time, but it's as if my bike was saying "Oh you think you can just hop on a ride?  Think again!!" and stuck it to me.  I'm glad you all enjoyed that part! 


k said...

I'm glad Matt gave you a talking to :) And is the straw thick enough that you could put bubble tea in your water bottle? 'Cause when I think about big straws, that's what comes to mind...

Anonymous said...

Just so you of the first times that Jimmie went for a ride with his new clips on he fell an intersection....a busy one....and he used to bike a don't feel like it's just you!!!


Anonymous said...

Ok - I just checked that my comment came through because my computer went weird and I had to comment again to say that my word verification word is "FISTIN"