Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm a fish.

Today was a great day for workouts!  I got up this morning, went swimming, and had such a confidence boosting swim!  I did a warm-up of 600m, with some kicking, pulling and regular swimming, then I did 1650m of continuous swimming.  Instead of just swimming and counting up to 1650, I started with 275, then I did 250, then I did 225 etc. until I got to 25 and I was done!  I didn't stop between my sets (except a few goggle readjustments), so I still did 1650 continuous, but it helped make it a little more do-able for me, and also helped me not loose count.  My biggest problem swimming is that I loose count of my laps and end up doing too few. (funny how I never do too many...)  I then did a 200m cool down and called it a day.  I just felt amazing having finished such a long swim in about an hour.  The 70.3 swim leg is 1900m, so I was only 250 shy of the total.  It made me feel so much more confident that I will actually be able to finish the swim part, and within the time cutoff too.  My whole workout took an hour, so I know I'll be able to do 1900 within the one hour cutoff.  I felt so good leaving the pool.  I started to feel a little tight in my shoulders during the last 200m, but with time I know I'll be ok.

I worked all day at the shop, mostly taking returns from the big sale we had this weekend, but the time flew by and before I knew it, I went home and got ready for my run.  I really didn't want to, but I sucked it up and went.  I did 14km around the river, and I definitely overdressed.  I got dressed, and even thought to myself "I think I'm going to be too hot", but went out anyway.  I was wearing full length tights, a tank top, a long sleeve (I almost wore a thermal long sleeve instead, thank goodness I didn't), gloves and a thermal headband.  I definitely didn't need all those clothes, but I wasn't BOILING and I survived.  It tends to get windy around the river, so I think that's why I thought I should wear everything, but I could have at least worn capri pants, no gloves, and a normal head band.  My head was very sweaty!

This week is all swimming all the time, so I'll smell like pool and have super dry skin.  Fun!


k said...

I suppose there are worse things to smell like than pool.

lu said...

and i read it as smelling like poo, so really, a pool isn't nearly as bad as that.

amazing day for working out! i won't complain on my next loop around the rez!